Today's APE from Mt. Palomar Observatory


Hi Everybody...
Thanks to all that stopped by to say hello.
Perhaps I was a bit optimistic when I said 1200 Z as a start time. It's 110 miles from my home qth to the front gate of the observatory.
For the most part, signals were as strong as last weekend's signals at Elsinore Peak.
There was some major QSB for about an hour in my early afternoon, but as I preach,
"Stick with it, the propagation changes about every 15 minutes or so."
And,. that's what happened. Signals came back up and a good time was had.
I'll do a write up for the "APE Tall Tales" and have a log and some pertinent pictures attached.
Thanks to my pal Ken, N6PCD for posting my whereabouts to all-y'all and to those that also posted my presence.
I've got some idea's on improving the Tarheel 75A antenna's performance, and I'll be working on those this coming week.
Not yet sure where next weekend will find me.
73 es DX,
LONP #76