Nice surprise

Jerry N9AVY

Always pays to work new calls or ones you don't recognize.  Today on 20m , I worked W2  who had a 599 signal with beam pointed East.  Figured he was just another W2 in NY/NJ.    Was I wrong !!!   Turns out he was in Idaho !  Unfortunately I had already worked DN13 or it would have been a new Grid.

Sometimes working a call you don't recognize will yield a PODXS # not worked and not advertised.  This has been a good day for propagation here in Northern IL and I managed to work J69DS in St. Lucia.  Had a nice QSO with him since we worked back in 2008.  Told him about my first QSO with St. Lucia way back when St. Lucia had a VP2 prefix.  Think he was surprised to have a QSO that wasn't the usual type and more like a ragchew.  

Am having fun on 20m  PSK31 today. Hope tomorrow is more of same.

73,  Jerry N9AVY  #454