PODXS NBR's #new


Hi Dave

I am fairly new, so Caveat emptor.  Like Bob said, I can't find anything either that works in FLDIGI.

FWIW, I extract my PSK contacts from ACLog (or could use FLDIGI log extract).  Then I grab the latest PODXS membership list. Then I do some merging & comparing (chanting and incense as well sometimes) of PODXS membership dates and QSO dates in excel to identify those contacts I think will help me on my way to LONP.  It is pretty manual, but I don't do it often so it isn't to big of a pain.

Once I have identified those contacts, I just leave them in excel for now - I could go back to ACLOG and manually update the entries with the PODXS numbers, but I am too lazy.

73, de Shawn aka KI5GX  #2855

Buz Johnson

I have always wondered how folks keep track of PODXS # in Ham Radio Deluxe.  I like to use the Automatic Log Entry (ALE) for PSK so the only field available to use is the Comments field.  The PODXS # automatically shows up if I've worked the station once I click on the call sign.  If the station is a new # for me, the comment field is empty.  I know I can create a special field to enter PODXS # in my Log Book but that field won't show up in the AEL.  I've also been using the Comment field in the ALE to enter Contest Exchanges.  I know there better contest logging programs out there but haven't invested the time or money to explore better options.  If I did uses another contest logging program it would have to run parallel with HRD.  Where HRD falls short is reporting dupes before I log the station.

Buz, WA5AMM #2827 LONP #454 

Bob Motyl KK6KMU

I am not aware of anything in FLDIGI that will flag special callsigns.



I there a way to keep track of PODXS nbr's in Fldigi?
Dave NU4N #1657 73's