Jerry N9AVY

Well...  got my scores and LOTW stuff submitted. Answered bunches of Eqsl's  and sent off my newer LONP data to Milt.

Now comes the real work of checking through all the endorsements.  About halfway through all june 6 entries and about to June 5, but taking a breather.  

If anyone has endorsements they've submitted in past few months and didn't get credit please let me know.  I make some errors, but mostly it's the wonky checker. For example if you upgrade your LONP in May 2021, it will mark all previous LONP as being upgrades in May 2021 as well.  Same with grids.  I usually try to address this when going through endorsements, but I might slip up. 

Everything from April/May was sent to Jim , K5SP, for distribution to his sticker crew.  New members are doing fine with their endorsements so far.

Keep those endorsements coming !!!


Jerry  N9AVY   #454

Director, Awards & Endorsements