DAZE 4 CHIMP Operations (POTA K-8298 Mittry Wildlife Area)

Darin - KO4EJD

Daze 4 Wrap Up
This was my first remote operation and POTA activation. 
Get on the air
POTA Activation using PSK
Get some new LONP #s

Happy to say all 3 were accomplished.  Thank you to those making contact with me.  I appreciate your help in meeting my goals. 

Radio Ops consisted of my IC-7100, Super Antenna on tripod, MFJ analyzer, power provided by Honda generators.
I had the same issues as everyone else, EU PSK63 Contest and poor prop.  I made 12 contacts on day 1 and 2 more on day 2.  I had another contact ready to log when the battery fuse popped the morning of day 2.  Oh well that's how it goes.
We improved our shade on the morning of day 2 (Military taught me to improve my position every day).  Sun was coming up and moving rapidly towards the table I was on.  The flat part of the ground was mostly taken by living and cooking areas.  We hung another tarp in front of the table and added another later behind.  It helped with the glare on the screen as well.

We (Wife and I) left on Friday morning to setup and be ready for Daze 4 by 5:00pm local.  We found a good spot with view and just behind us was an elevated area for the antenna.  I'll try and upload logs today.  Still unpacking and putting stuff away. 

Challenge 1:  Staking out the tent.   We were not prepared for the hard dirt in AZ.  We're use to sandy soil of Florida.  We did get a couple in after breaking 3.  We used rocks for the remainder.
Challenge 2:  Generators.  The generators were not running efficiently.  During setup and testing both cutoff.  No it was not gas, both we're topped off :)   I was thinking great this over before it begins.  I started checking wiring and retesting.  I was finally able to get the setup correct and use the generators by doing some load balancing.
Challenge 3: Sun, wind and heat.  Shade trees are scarce in the desert so we grabbed our tarps (I thought to grab 2 extra blue tarps just in case. good thing too) and started hanging them to provide needed shade around the camp.  Worked out well.  We gave them some room to blow up when strong gusts hit us.  Happy to announce we didn't lose a tarp nor did the tent blow down. 
Challenge 4: Blew a fuse on morning of day 2 on my battery backup power.  I went to test the battery and make a contact on just battery power.  CQ called and answered.  On my reply poof goes the breaker.  No spare breaker and so much for this test.

Overall we had a great time.  Took a couple of hikes, a jeep ride and a quick dip into the water to cool off.  We considered this operation a success.  Pictures to show our site are attached.

Lessons Learned:
Better tent stakes
Extra fuses
Generator tune up

See you on the waterfall,