seeking guest 070 club presenter on Monday night @ 9:00pm EST

Don - KM4UDX

Hello good folks: I host a hybrid zoom + 40m semi-net session devoted (mostly) to the non-FT8 digital modes. We use 7071+2K and typically start on Olivia 16/500, then change the modes a fast as we can. The PSK flavors always make a good appearance. 

We have two 070 club members in the Monday night group, and we always sing the  joys of the club!! 

Here is my ask.....we would love to have a 070 Club rep join us and give us 20 minutes of informal chat on the club...a little background, some notes on the modes, club activities, awards, websites, etc. etc. 
I try to discourage PowerPoint slides, but if you must that is fine. But mostly I encourage screen sharing, and you can just follow you as you use your browser to visit whatever it is you want us to see. 

We have a strange mix of wicked advanced digital experts, but a lot of digital newbies. I always focus the content on the newbies.  

Is there anyone in the club who would be willing to talk to a group of digital beginners with the goal of understand the joys of PSK operations and the club?
Don, km4udx