Nebraska and most sought...was KC3EF Spring Road Trip

Rick - N7WE

In addition to the individual responses you are getting, there are a couple of things on the 070Club site that may help you.  They are in the Files Section in the the "070 Grid Chase" folder.  There are two files in particular - "Grids by State and Top 5 - 2020.xlsx" and "Handy Top 5 Grids - 2020.pdf"  These are the extracts done last year by Steve W3HF (Mr. Grids!) from logs submitted to the Endorsement Checker.  While things may have changed a bit, there really hasn't been that many grid activations and I'm sure you will find lots of business in any of those grids.

Post your plans here well before you go and you should have a great time - both RVing and Hamming!  Thanks for planning to include PSK31 grid activations in your RV trip!  73,
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

Barry VA7GEM

In NE I need DN92 & EN01
GL de