Congrats - PODXS 070 Endorsements – March 2021

stan W9SMR

As propagation conditions slowly improve, we are showing some good gains in member Endorsements. Our regular contests have helped also.

Officially receiving the LONP #450 slot was David, KE5PYF #1081 for 100 member QSOs.  He also completed 150, and 200 levels.

Officially achieving the 500 Level Honor Roll was Mike, VE3LTN #1763 with 503 QSOs

Achieving the 150 Level was Jim, AJ3DI #2110.

Reaching the 700 Level Award was David, KR4U #262.

We also have an excited pack of LONP Seekers in hot pursuit of this traditional first rights award. If you see them, give them a call and spot them on PSKReporter and our reflector:


With the endorsement software not working properly, a lot of manual intervention has been required. Our Executive Director, Jim, K5SP, with assistance from David, K9DWR, and Milt, N6MG have been manually updating the LONP data.


Since the endorsement checker does not properly recognize and give any LONP credit for member numbers that are greater than 2786, this task must now be completed manually by a volunteer. Follow these Instructions!

Congratulations to all for your diligent pursuit of these cherished Awards!!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director