Fldigi/N1MM Setup Problem?


Am trying to use Fldigi with N1MM+ for a contest. This is first time for me trying to use Fldigi as an engine with N1MM. Have Win 10 PC, Flex 6000 radio. When I get to selecting the Capture and Playback ports in the N1MM/Fldig setup window I get "port audio device not available" . I have the Flex radio, SSDR and DAX and CAT running while tryong to do this setup. Any ideas on what may be causing this??

73 Paul

Bob Motyl KK6KMU


Your best bet is to join the N1MM+ Logger group.  I use both software but don't have an answer for you sorry.



Bob - thanks for the reply. I am a member of that group and have posted there initially - but no help as of yet.

73 Paul w2eck