Chat room availability

Peter, NN9K #2629

I may have missed a reference to this website and chat room in the past. It is  free and easy to use-- Even thought the link indicated FISTS look at the room listing on the right side and you will find a PODXS room and there are a couple of familiar calls that have used it.

For me this style of room is much easier to use so whenever I get the urge to PSK you most likely see me in the room.

Just a thought, back to my straight key!

Peter, NN9K

Mike W4BZM

I think the beginning of a new year might be a good time to remind members about the availability of this chat room for real-time coordination of QSOs.

I see quite a few instances on our 070 Club Group email list of “I’m trying 30 meters now”, “Don’t see you”, “Shifting to 15 meters now”, “Saw you and tried to reply but it didn’t work”, etc.  These messages may be useful for the members that receive each e-mail to the group individually and get instant alerts; however, some (many?) of us elect to reduce our e-mail inbox by getting only a daily summary, in which case the “here’s what I’m doing now” messages are overcome by events.   It would be appropriate to put immediate messages in the chat room (only) and reserve the 070 Club Group email list for longer term issues like contest information, questions, new member announcements, etc.

Just a suggestion.

Mike W4BZM