PSK Setup - Was PSK Assist


I had a conversation with an ARRL OO a few yrs ago and he told me the best way to adjust your drive was to run the rig wide open at full power and to adjust your audio drive to  be at your desired output  power.  I have since used this method and my  IMD meter reads between -32 and -34 dB most of the time, plus I get similar reports from other stations.  Doing it this way, you would probably have to apply enough drive to put out 80 or 90 watts before you started to show any ALC.


Rick - N7WE

More good info Steve!  I didn't know about the FT817.  Absolutely no substitute for on-air confirmation of your setup.  I've asked people to do a screen capture of what my trace looks like and email it to me.  The other thing I do is run an "IMD Meter by kk7uq" anytime I'm operating  PSK 31 or 63.  Unfortunately they are out of production now, but some come up on QRZ or eHam classifieds from time to time.  Not only do they give you a numerical readout of your signal's IMD, but they also take it off the air; not off your coax.  And they have an audible alarm and flashing light if something goes wonky and the IMD goes more than -20!  I've had mine alarm a few times and otherwise I wouldn't have known something was amiss.
Rick - N7WE
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