Digifest observes PSK-31 bands :)

Mike W4BZM

With all the recent grousing about FT8 "incursions", it's worth noting that the folks running DigiFest 2020 are going out of their way to avoid QRMing PSK-31 operations.  (https://rigexpert.com/digifest/rules/)

DigiFest, scheduled for three different periods 6 and 7 June, is a competition using unconventional digital modes -- RTTY75, BPSK 63, MFSK 16, Hellschreiber, and Olivia 250/4.  

Under the "Bands" section is the specific comment "Please leave PSK31 band (14070...14071) for non-contest operation.".  But the Rules go beyond that.  Section 10 of the rules lists "Disqualifications", which includes "For usage of PSK31 band (14070...14071)."

So let's give an attaboy to the sponsors of DigiFest:  KyivDX and Contest Club, MixW team, and Rig Expert Ukraine, Ltd.

Mike W4BZM

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