80/160m Antenna

Randy True

Post a note here when you are going to be on the air and we try and look for you, especially 30M

Randy W4RTT

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"Guess I should buy a ticket once in a while."

Mike, buying a ticket does not statistically change your chances of winning.  The odds against winning are so long that not having a ticket doesn't make a difference.

BTW, hello 070!  I've been away from the radio for a couple of years but I'm trying to play again.  Though it appears that 99.9% of hams are doing nothing but FT-8 now.  Last few nights, 20 and 30m CW and PSK were nearly dead,   No reply to ten minutes of CQ'ing on 30 meters?   Is there a place where 070 members gather on the air?
  --ken ac4rd