C31VQ on 40m + Stacked registers


“How do I do it?”, you ask?

My Icon IC-756 P3 has stacked registers, 3 per band. I push 7 and it Takes me to 7070.0. Push it again and it goes to 7035.0, and a third time, 7015.0. It also remembers what mode and filter width you were in the last time you were there.

My IC-7800 is the same, but has 10 memories in the stacked register per band. Jeez, I sure like that radio! Size wise, it’s a beast, but performance wise, it’s the best radio on the market.

I used to think that with a 200-watt radio, if you ran 30 watts, the radio was running at 15% duty cycle.

Not true.

Steve explained that this wasn’t so. It was a very technical email, but it sure made sense.

Once again, thanks Steve for that and for all of your in depth statistics and analysis’.

The next time we get a string going about LONP, and how each of us keeps up with our individual totals, there’s about as many different ways as there are members.


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You also want to check 7035 and 7040 for Asia

I have those es 7070 set up in HRD



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Way below the usual for USA, but typical for European DX.






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Isn’t that like WAAAAAY below the normal PSK area??


… I’m just sayin’


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Jose is at 7040.6 at 0020z, in the middle of a lot of non-PSK QRM.