Steve W3HF

Some of you may have worked CO4SM (or perhaps another Cuban station) operating from NA-056, variously known as the Isle of Pines or Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juventud).

Up until today that was just a name to me, as I knew nothing about the island. The Washington Post online has an article with the island's history:



Rick - N7WE

Thank you Steve!  I have worked Manuel, CO4SM, but had no idea of the history.  Fascinating.  By the way, QRZ says no mail, eQSL, or LoTW - QSL via EA7FTR, but he does have 49,808 lookups.  Hope that some day he too will be a member of PODXS!  Thanks for sharing the link.

Rick - N7WE
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Len Hecker

...interesting article.  thanks for posting!  73 len, k3lrh