Sked for MT NV or WA

Frank Kisselbach

No problem.. I can operate all modes and bands.I am into PSK and have lots
of OR including Portland in the log. I am off to a roller derby now, but
after 1PM tomorrow I am home all afternoon.

When and where do you want to give it a try??

Frank Kisselbach W7PAQ


John Welsh <jlwelsh26@...>

Good Morning,
I am 3 states short of my WAS on LoTW, MT NV and WA.  They are my neighbors and just too close for HF propagation.
My QTH is Portland, OR and I would like to schedule a QSO with someone from these locations.
By the way I have never seen MT on my waterfall.  I see WA from time to time but usually having a QSO with someone else.
Please send me an email or call 503-663-6987 if you have time to give it a go today.
Boring, OR

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