W3HF the Energizer bunny??


Now one would think that after making over 100 APE contacts from Bogue
Banks Island, NC, pulling up stakes a week later only to drive down to
Florida to try it again, then heading back up north to eastern Pennsylvania
in anticipation of that joyous post vacation experience known as the "great
unpacking of the car", that one would be understandably tired and in need of
some greatly deserved sack time after such a trip. Well, that was W3HF's
itinerary alright, but what did he do when he got home? Did he collapse on
the doorstep, only to be awakened by the chirping of the morning birds and
the warm, wet feeling of the neighbor's dog relieving himself on his
prostrate body? Not even close!
Seems that as soon as Steve got in the door, he was hitting the
books...his callbooks that is! W3HF has quite an extensive collection of ham
radio callbooks dating back to ye olden days of ham radio dontcha know, and
rather than numbly downing a couple cold ones on the way to the comforting
arms of his Sterns&Foster, he responded to a cry for help from a total
stranger who was searching for his grandfather's callsign! Yes, believe it! I
saw it myself on the ham radio history reflector! "This guy" (I told myself)
"is totally nuts!"
So my question is this...Do you think that perhaps, W3HF is the Energizer
bunny in disquise? He seems to have an unlimited supply of energy and he just
doesn't know when to stop! He might have even figured out how to power his
'817 by Steve-power! Hey om Steve, nice job on the research, now it's
beddie-bye time!! 73 de Jay N3DQU.