Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Just again back from sunny HA-land and I'm assembling a new LOOP for the
TDW. For this purpose I had to dismount all my antennas. I hope to be ready
before Friday morning to get you on 80m/40m too.
Otherwise there will be no signal from Glems.
It makes no fun to sit on the roof or climb on trees like an (old) squirrel
in this cold wet rainy weather.

cul on TDW de Dieter - DL2RR

PS: Jay, tnx for the award which I found in the mail box.

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Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 8:11 PM
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: Hi, I am afraid I shall not take part in TDW for 2002. There is some
: problem with my HF antenna or its feeder and I haven't got enough time
: to investigate it. I can only work 80/40/6 meters, so I may try
: a few late night calls on 7035 and 7070 kHz.
: 73 Costas SV1XV