Pactor 3

bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Hi Everyone,

I just got this from another reflector, and if you are wondering
who this Rudolph guy is, he's talking about, click the link and read
the whole page, you'll see his post, I hope there's not many of this
type out there !

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

Recieved from the digitalradio@yahoogroups reflector:

I just copied this from local Winlink station W7BO, "PACTOR III Now
ON - 3628.7, 7101.2, 10141.2 and 21096.2."
This will surely be a major problem for the PSK31 operation on 40
meters!? Also this is a favorite spot for 30 meter sound card
operation. I also note that Rudolf (HS0AC) is a WinLink MBO station
as well... I am not sure that having an "open mind" about this
situation is going to do any good... :-(