"Dead bands"



Thanks for the information, but I bet Jay put you up to this.. HI HI

Good Luck on 6


Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
The apparent loss of HF comms is associated with the effects of a 'Coronal Mass Ejection'
(CME) from the Solar flare Magnitude M1.6 that occurred on the 22nd March. This flare
was directed towards Earth. The solar figures are not current, only the previous
days figures, but the K index is the most relevant, updated every 3 hours. A level
of over 3 indicates geomagnetic storm conditions. The Earth's magnetic field is disturbed,
and consequently our electromagnetic transmissions are affected by attenuation or
enhancement of particular bands. It is interesting that in the current situation
6M is open from VK/ZL to USA....and Kostas is using 6M Hi! Be nice to see you on
6M Kostas...I have worked S5 and 9A recently....It's not lousy band conditions at
all really! Just for some!
73s Duncan

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