Thanks for the Fall Rumble

Steve W3HF

To All:

I would also like to add my thanks to the entire TARA Team for
their efforts in creating the premier contest in the PSK arena.

Ernie WM2U is the front guy, publicizing the contest, building the
web page, creating the rules, and all-around organizing it. His is a
big job, and the contest is what it is because of his efforts.

I only recently learned of the efforts of Joe N2NOU and Karen
KB2UUC. They work behind the scenes after the contest, creating
the certificates and handling the packaging/mailing.

Finally, there's "Mr Bill" NY2U. As President of the sponsoring
organization, Mr Bill is the "big kahuna" of the contest.

Thank you to all of you, as well as anyone else I may have missed.
It has been my privilege to participate in the last two runnings of
the contest, and I look forward to many more.


P.S. I haven't seen any contest traffic on the reflector for the next
contest, in only 27 days! Are any of you other teams going to be
back? We will--more details soon.