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Hi Duncan,

you can retrieve only three eqsl's without being registered.
This amount I have already retrieved when I needed
some cards for my membership in the 070 club.
When you'll retrieve another card you'll get the message that you must
register with them.
In Germany the costs for the bureau qsl's are already covered with our
membership-fee for the radio club, and since I prefer the oldfashioned cards
I'll not register with the I can't help it, I love the real cards,
for me they are about 50% of the fun of hamradio. A flimsy eqsl is no
competition for a good card.
73's Erika

Jeff Baker <jjbaker@...>

I believe registering with eqsl is free.  I am registered but not “authenticated” .  I have not paid a dime so far.  I enjoy receiving the eqsl’s but would rather have the “real thing”.  I will probably get the authenticity guaranty some time in the near future and maybe upload my own card.


Jeff Baker KG4ENR

Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
I have 161 DX Entities worked on psk, and 78 confirmed to date. can retrieve
your eqsls without being a member... Go to the site and follow the instructions.
You will need to confirm your log entries in order to retrieve your card. You can
then download the ones you want.
Of Course the 'Committee' will not accept eqsls..(YET).. but they are less prone
to 'cheating' than any other method of confirmation.
The costs for QSLing rear the ugly heads, once again!
But it does keep people employed....would be OK if all were returned....
73s Duncan

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