Duncan McMahon <zl3jt@...>

Well, There has been a lot of discussion about the methods used by Jose to confirm
QSOs! Most missed my point, after Ludek's message! I have received an eqsl card from
Jose, EA9CD for a 15M QSO we made on the 8th June 2001. I have his electronic card
in my archive!
In the course of uploading my unconfirmed QSOs to eqsl.cc, Jose received an electronic
qsl from me for a 20M QSO on the 6th August 2001 which was rejected by the man himself!

There is evidence that a bureau exists in EA9 but Jose does not want cards by this
My complaint is that fact that I received a 'rejection' on the grounds that Jose
requests 'direct only', but when it suits him to have a ZL3 card for psk31, he sends
eqsl to me!
And then rejects my 20M one!
Maybe Jose does return the direct requests, but once again we all run the risk of
theft within the postal system.
If 'direct only' requests are required by this operator, then he should not be a
member of eqsl.cc!
de Jungle Telegraph

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