OK got to the form now What



OK I finally was able to open the Award application from page. But now there is no place to request the DX-JA form. I don't think I am ever going to get this award requested the correct manner.

I think I am beginning to agree that they may be a PLOT at play here.

Steve D


Jay and Everyone,
Well thank you Sir, It sure was fun getting the JA stations I tried to work all new stations and passed on anyone that I had worked before but, gave in at number 17 and worked someone I had talked to before, The problem with access the web page was just great timing, then no place to request the endorsement, it was all just too funny here.
But all in good fun, I am glad I did rush as the last few nights have been really bad to Japan only one station the same one the past few nights.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the fun I had here trying to get the DX award. I did enjoy myself and had some good fun.  

Well, on to the next one and the PSK Fest, Hope to work all the 070 members I have not worked yet, someday I hope to have all the members on the Alpha list in my log.

Happy New Year everyone.

ag4cz <ag4cz@...>

Sorry Steve. No plot (but not a bad idea). I just wasn't expecting
anybody to jump out of the gate like that and have been slacking
recently on updating the application page. Things have been a little
hectic lately for me and I have been putting off those important
Application page has been updated with the JA and EA specials.
Congrats and way to go with those JA's.

Steve W3HF

Sorry Steve. No plot (but not a bad idea).
(whispered voice 1)

... too bad the japanese diodes we hid in his antenna feed line didn't
work ...

(whispered voice 2)

... at least he hasn't found the spanish-speaking ones ....

(voices fade)