Suggested Frequencies by band for PSK31

Barry Rimmer

Hello fellow PSK31 lovers,

I have almost 500 PSK31 contacts, all on 10, 15, or 20 meters. I would like
to add a few other bands to my contacts. Following is a list of frequencies
by band where I think PSK31 activity is supposed to be.

If anyone would like to email me directly or reply to this list giving input
on frequencies by band, I will consolidate the list and repost it. I know
we can operate at different frequencies within the bands, but I think if
there were some more common frequencies for other than 10, 15, and 20 meters
we might find more activity on these other bands.

PSK31 USB dial Frequencies, usually 1500 Hz tone is center of activity.

160m 1812, 1838
80m 3580, 3582
40m 7035, 7037, 7070, 7072, 7076, 7080
30m 10130, 10138, 10139, 10142
20m 14070
17m 18100
15m 21070
12m 24920
10m 28120
6m 50290, 50590
2m 144140, 145510, 144520

73, Barry K4MG (please excuse the cross posting)

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