Attn: Digipan users!


Subj: An important short note
Date: 8/11/2001 1:22:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: mortjame@...
To: Newsletter@..., Readers@...

This is a very short, short edition of the GAZETTE newsletter. But, it's
important if you are a DigiPan user, or use a log file that is in the ADIF
(Amateur Data Interchange Format).

The log in DigiPan can be searched by call sign but cannot be sorted or
searched in any other field. That's no longer true! Dave Guest has written a
piece of freeware for everybody, everywhere that can use it. ADIBASE sorts on
any field in the ADI log file and even has a second SubSet search. It's a
terrific addition to your software arsenal.

ADIBASE may be distributed freely and used by anyone for any non-commercial
purpose. Read about it and download ADIBASE from It's a winner!

73 de Jim N2HOS