Steve W3HF

Hey gang -

I will be on vacation for a few days in North Carolina starting on 11
August. I plan to bring the PSK-20 and a dipole, and intend to
activate NA-112 for a few days. (The beach house we are renting is
on the island.) Please note that this will be 20m only, and QRP at
that. Good news is that I won't have many pressing activities so
operation any time of day is probably possible. Bad news is that I
probably won't have internet access while there, so any skeds will
have to be arranged in advance.

Current plan (hope?) is that W3HF/4 will be QRV sometime late on
11 August, maybe around 2200Z. We will be leaving NC early on
18 August, so the last operation will be late on the 17th local time
(around 0100Z on the 18th).

One complexity is that I'll be taking a quick trip to California for a
few days in the middle of this. So that will put W3HF/6 on the air
for a while, though not on an island. I'll be working then, so I won't
be available during local working hours.

So the full schedule looks like:

11 Aug 2200Z W3HF/4 on NA-112
14 Aug 1400Z QRT for flight to CA
15-17 Aug W3HF/6 in CA
Typical operating times 0400Z-0700Z and 1330Z-1500Z
17 Aug 0400Z QRT for flight to NC
17 Aug 1600Z W3HF/4 on NA-112
18 Aug 0100Z QRT

Hope to see some of you (and lots of neat DX) on the air. As a
QRP station, I may not be CQing a whole lot, so feel free to break
in on any QSO so we can QSY--I'll try to leave gaps whenever
possible. I will also try to call any 070er I hear on the air, just in
case you're working on the IOTA endorsement.

QSLs will also be available for those of you collecting IOTAs from
that "other" organization.


P.S. I was sorry not to see any of you on other bands while I was
in California last week. I don't think the higher bands were open
anywhere while I could get on the air because I could see almost
no signals at all, and the WA6GFY station does not have a 30m
antenna. So I was stuck on 20m only, though I did go QRO for a
few QSOs to Duncan ZL3JT and Ken WA5EOG. Thanks for all your