Prefix YL800


Hallo Erika and other 070 gays,

I would like to inform You that city in which I live - Riga, the capital of
Latvia, celibrates 800 year of establishment.
Thats why 81 of Latvian HAM's can use special prefix YL800...

I start using this prefix yesterday and during everning made more than 100 QSO's
- at this moment mainly on CW and SSB.

So, I have short QRT on digimodes for solving some general PC and room
reconstruction problem, but it will not be for long time.
Than I'll be back on PSK31, RTTY, HELL and SSTV.

The official celibration of Riga 800 will be in middle of August, but activities
of YL800 will be up to the end of September.

We are going print special QSL cards to memorate this data.

So turn Your antennas to my direction (KO26AW) and listen, listen, listen ...

With best regards

YL2FD, for some time YL800FD.