Erika - Congrats!!

Steve W3HF

Hey Erika ---

Just saw today's listing of endorsements. Congratulations on
working Hawaii!! FB. What band was it?



Good Mmorning Steve,

worked him on 15 meters in the evening, strange conditions, hardly any signal on
the band just the AH6 and XU7ABN - the latter didn't hear me but nobody else was
calling, hi. The AH6 called a Scot but that one didn't reply either, so I filled
the gap.... That is the advantage of my big antenna, I hear the weaker stations
sooner than others.
During the expedition of ZL9CI I couldn't hear the ZL 9 in huge pile up, but one
Saturday when I was bored by the TV program I switched on the radio, found out
that the bands were actually dead, just on 20 meters I heard a lonely station
cqing, weak but workable, turned the beam and found out it was ZL9CI, can you
believe - it was just dl2ayl who called him and got him, hi..
Good weekend to you and yours !