FD 2001 Attaboy requirements


There has been some questions about the recently announced Field Day
Attaboy, so here is some clarification on the eligibility requirements. As
long as you are personally involved in handing out valid HF PSK31 Field Day
QSO's in accordance with the current ARRL Field Day rules, you are eligible
to receive this endorsement. This means you can operate in any entry class
listed in the Field Day rules that suits your fancy, either solo or with a
group, running any and/or all valid modes on the HF bands. The main thing is
that you are the one behind the keyboard giving out valid Field Day contacts
via PSK31. There is no minimum number of contacts required, but after going
thru all that trouble, you would probably want to at least spend a couple
hours on the air and make it worth your while hi! Hope this answers any
questions and looking forward to sending out a lot of these Attaboys! 73 de
Jay N3DQU.