Ok guys and gals, it is now official...the maximum multiplier for the
Three-Day Weekend (TDW) is ninety (90). A dupe sheet is now available on the
TDW Rules webpage at < >, just
click on the link. There were also plans to have a logger program available,
but AA8QQ ran into a few snags and was not able to get the program up and
running in time.

Joe W1SQL sez that there is a possibility that he may work the TDW from
both his home QTH and as maritime mobile and asked if we could accomodate him
in the contest. We sed "Sure, why not?" So for the TDW, on each band you can
work W1SQL twice for QSO points: once at his home QTH and once as /MM, but he
will only be good for one multiplier, ok?

If any newcomers to the club need their 070 member numbers, please send an
email direct to JHudak3rd@....

Don't forget, NO WARC BANDS.

Finally, just a reminder for the UTC/Zulu-challenged that the TDW starts
June 1, 0000z (that is Thursday nite, 2000z eastern time)....

Looking forward to seeing you all on the air this weekend! 73/55/88 de
Jay, N3DQU.