Setting sail


Well ladies and gents, I am leaving Friday for exotic ports of call.  I am on
a container ship that will sail from Cape Canaveral FL, to Houston TX, back
to Cape Canaveral, on to Brazil, and then to Ascension Island, and back to
Florida.  The trip will last for about 45 days.

I am going to bring my rig along with me, but whether or not the Captain will
let me string up some wire is another story.  I will try to work the 3 day
weekend if I can get some wire up, so look for N1ZZZ/MM on the bands from
next week to mid-July.  Now the only question is whether I can get a ZD8

Jeremy N1ZZZ

P.S. Jay, please remove me from the reflector Friday until I send you an
email.  I have a feeling my mailbox will be full if I let it go for 6 weeks.