A word about the IOTA endorsement


Looks like this new IOTA endorsement is pretty popular already guys,
thanks for the great response! Just wanted to let you know that if you work a
lot of IOTA and don't want to clutter up your certificate with 10's, I will
make up an IOTA endorsement for any multiple of ten (i.e. 20, 30, etc) up to
100 that you want. When you send me your application, all you have to do is
send a log file with the number of entities you want credited for and I will
take it from there. So if you send me a log with 10 entities, I will send out
a 10; send me a log with 20 entities and I will send you a 20, etc. Hope this
helps you guys who are running short on space. Tnx es 73. Jay, N3DQU.