St Patrick’s Day Contest –Tomorrow!!

stan robinson


The Ø7Ø Club St Patrick’s Day Contest - Starts tomorrow 

Saturday, March 21 - 0000 UTC (Friday, March 20 - 8:00 p.m. EDT )

to Saturday, March 21 – 2359 UTC (Saturday, March 21 – 7:59 p.m. EDT )


This is a 1 day, 24 Hour event – Friday evening and Saturday in US.

Work as many stations as possible in the allotted time using PSK-31 mode only.


Work each station once per band. (Same station, same band, is a dupe!)


Open to all licensed radio amateurs. Using 160M thru 6M (No WARC Bands).

Maximum Power 50W regardless of Band

 Callsign,  RST  and  State/Province/Country (SPC)    eg: “W9SMR  599  FL”

Call: “CQ 070 St Pat’s Contest”


BONUS POINTS: Spell “Erin Go Bragh” using the first letter in the call suffix. See Contest Rules for details.


For Rules and detailsClick Here:  St. Patrick's Rules

All entry logs
 must be received within 1 week after the event ends.

“St Patricks Day Uploader” Link has been made available on the PODXS 070 Homepage.


With 6 bands to choose from, you can optimize your luck with propagation. It is helpful to post your intentions to QSY on the Reflector. Also, be sure to use PSKReporter and to Spot calls seen. Go ahead and Self-Spot! Let folks know you are listening. CALL CQ!!


With the added challenge of spelling “Erin Go Bragh”, your progress on the Work The World (WTW) Endorsement is enhanced. And new members will make great strides on the LONP!!

If you do not yet have the TOP BAND Endorsement (work 20 on 160M), this Contest gives you an excellent chance to grab that, too. As folks lose interest in those FT modes, let’s show them that PSK-31 is as much fun as it ever was!!


COVID-19 Note: We wrote the book on "Social Distancing"!!

With PSK-31 we can be Social while thousands of miles apart!!


This is a great opportunity to Go For That Pot ‘O Gold!



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director