6 Meters Open today

John Hendry KG5OIB

Nada on 6 this morning.    But it was worth a try!


     de  KG5OIB

     John Hendry

     Decatur, Wise County, Texas

     LOC:  EM13eg



I only stuck around for abt 15 mins but I figured since FT8 was dead there would be no chance.  Yesterday it was loaded with FT8.  I will look at 6 everyday at 16:00 z, Thurs thru Sunday and if there is activity on FT8, I'll hang around for at least a half hour.  Maybe by giving everyone a heads up in advance might help create some action.

Buz Johnson

Never fails, I hear FT8 signals but by the time I get my computer going (it's mostly a struggle), they're gone.  I went to 50.290 and called CQ for a while and didn't hear anything.  I've never worked anyone on 6m, what is the best time to look for signals?