30M Activity Enhancement

stan W9SMR

With all the growing concern of PSK-31 losing traditional frequencies, I recently contacted Don, KB9UMT, 070 #1227, the founder of the 30M Digital Group for his view.

The 30MDG has decided to try an every Sunday Night at 23:00 UTC Activity Hour to drum up some activity. If you are concerned with the ever growing intrusion by other digital modes, crank up the rig and join the party. You do not need not be a 30MDG member to join in!

30MDG PSK plus activity hour every Sunday 23:00 UTC

PSK Suggested:  10.141 to 10.142 PSK 

Other Modes: 10.142 to 10.144   -  Olivia/Contestia/Dom/Thor/Thrb/etc., turn RXID/TXID on!.

And take a look at the 30MDG website. They have almost 12,000 members now: (


See you Sunday!


W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director
30MDG #6373