070 Reflector


A couple items abt the 070 reflector. First, there are some members who
are getting postings via the ARRL email forwarding service. You may not be
able to post to the reflector unless I have your home email address entered
into the system. If this is the case, please send an email to N3DQU@...
with your home email address and call.
Now that we are on Yahoo, there is an option available to receive daily
digests of the postings rather than individual postings. If you would like to
receive a daily digest of the 070 Club postings, send email to N3DQU@...
and I'll getcha fixed up. 73 de Jay, N3DQU.


Hi again Jay,

you must be a psychic, hi. Was just wondering what to do about all the mails
floating in when I'm away for a week. Yes I'd like to get the daily digest.

We forgot (I did, hi) to translate the SV-endorsement, was so simple, but to
keep it neat and proper - here is it.

Wir stellen den ersten rautenf�rmigen Zusatzsticker vor, den "SV-Triband", den
Du erhalten kannst wenn Du Griechenland auf 20, 15 und 10 Meter in PSK31
gearbeitet hast. Nur der Logbuchauszug ist erforderlich, g�ltig sind Kontakte,
die nach dem 1. Juni 2000 gemacht wurden. Dieser Zusatzsticker hat kein

73's Erika