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This is the group/reflector for the 070 Club, the world's premier amateur radio PSK-31 user club. *As a general rule, topics and comments should be confined to items involving Club matters, ham radio, and PSK related items. Of course, friendly personal comments to fellow members are acceptable.* *Please make sure to avoid discussions and comments about politics, religion, and current events. Always remember, we are an INTERNATIONAL club and those topics have no place on our reflector.* You may find us on the web at  address - ( ) Feel free to contact us via email at Thank you for checking out our group! 73 Jim Innis K5SP 070 #483 070 Club Executive Director
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  • 070Club | 070Club
    Subgroup set up for Paypal emails.
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  • 070Club | advisory
    Advisory Committee
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  • 070Club | technical
    Subgroup for the technical portion of the club database, software, and website.
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