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Hi!  I got in to amateur radio in September of  '15.  Got my tech in Sept. 15, my general in Oct. 15, and just passed my extra test in Feb. of '18. Having a lot of fun as I have been into lots of different things!

I use an Alinco DX-SR8T with a 40m inverted V, MFJ-2286 vertical, and sometimes a longwire from the corner of the house up through the trees.  Active with OMISS 20M Net ~14.290 regularly, NATA Net most evenings ~7.185, OMISS 40M Net (right after NATA same freq) as much as I can.  Lots of SSB fun!

I have an FT-8900 with a Comet GP-1 that I have been using as a Rx only APRS internet gateway.  I've been using a RTL-SDR for receive but recently connected it to my FT8900 for full Rx/Tx capabilities.  APRS seems very interesting but is also a little confusing!

Very interested in digital modes.  Just have been doing HF PSK for now.  Member of PODXS 070 Club as of recently.  Did my first digital contest this January and had lots of fun.  I look forward to expanding what I do digitally!

I have been using an Arrow Satellite antenna with an HT.  That's been a lot of fun. I've made a few contacts on various FM satellites and loo forward to expanding to some of the linear sats later on.  This 5 & 10 geo sat sounds really interesting so I've got my ear open for that one.

This is me with the Arrow..

I have been listening to CW and practicing transmitting.  I can transmit alright but still have a lot of trouble understanding it.  I'll keep at it though because it's something I'm really interested in.

I prefer LotW, QRZ, and eQSL, in that order, but if you send me a QSL card direct I will respond 100%.  If you send me a card and haven't gotten one back then please contact me and I'll send another.

I made this for my office window from an arduino and some neopixels.  I've been trying to think of a better animation so feel free to suggest ideas.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone by with this hobby.  I've had so much fun!  Thanks to all the very welcoming hams out there!




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