Hi Jay, some work for you !
73's Erika

24-Jul-2001 21:32:55 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 YO5CRQ 579 599
Zoli Baia Mare
18-Aug-2001 18:19:21 10109.600 10109.600 BPSK31 G0FOS 599 599
Geoff York
19-Aug-2001 18:50:13 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 DL6SX 459 459
Arno Mitterteich
19-Aug-2001 18:55:13 10109.990 10109.990 BPSK31 UT6LX 569 599
VLAD Pervomaiski
20-Aug-2001 16:54:26 10109.970 10109.970 BPSK31 F/DF7VX 589 599
Hellmuth Cherbourg
13-Sep-2001 14:52:44 10110.020 10110.020 BPSK31 DF1EU 559 569
Rolf Wuppertal
13-Sep-2001 18:35:22 10109.990 10109.990 BPSK31 PA4JB 559 559
HANS Zoetermeer
13-Sep-2001 19:01:01 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 RA3AET 569 579
IGOR Moscow
13-Sep-2001 19:11:54 10109.610 10109.610 BPSK31 DL1UU 539 559
Wolf Berlin
13-Sep-2001 19:22:34 10109.580 10109.580 BPSK31 RZ3AF 549 589
Eugeni Moscow
13-Sep-2001 19:37:43 10109.390 10109.390 BPSK31 G4TZX 579 579
Gordon New Romney
13-Sep-2001 19:54:10 10109.630 10109.630 BPSK31 IZ4DZD 599 599
ANGEL Grizzana
18-Sep-2001 15:08:36 10110.060 10110.060 BPSK31 G3NBY 559 599
Howard Manchester
10-Oct-2001 18:14:26 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 DM5GI 599 599
Hajo Rostock
10-Oct-2001 19:17:44 10110.740 10110.740 BPSK31 F5MFO/QRP 599 559
PAT Paris
11-Oct-2001 17:34:18 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 EA4IA 569 589
Jos� Madrid
18-Oct-2001 16:35:39 10119.150 10119.150 BPSK31 G3RFE 569 569
TOM Glastonbury
24-Oct-2001 15:34:29 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 OE75FSL 599 599
Franz Wels
25-Oct-2001 15:39:37 10110.000 10110.000 BPSK31 DF1WZ 599 599
Helmut Gevenich
13-Nov-2001 13:56:07 10110.218 10110.219 BPSK31 DL2RR 599 579
17-Nov-2001 16:00:35 10109.997 10109.997 BPSK31 EA7KF 589 579
Juan Sevilla
23-Nov-2001 14:39:39 10109.994 10109.994 BPSK31 2E0RAF 569 579
BILL Preston
23-Nov-2001 17:02:47 10109.999 10109.999 BPSK31 G0THY 569 589
Martyn Kidlington
24-Nov-2001 11:22:54 10109.550 10109.550 BPSK31 DL1RTD 599 599
Werner Erlangen
24-Nov-2001 11:30:07 10110.602 10110.602 BPSK31 GI0IUP 579 599
George Londonderry
24-Nov-2001 11:50:40 10110.430 10110.430 BPSK31 SM4ANQ 569 569
ULF Ludvika
25-Nov-2001 14:20:53 10109.999 10109.999 BPSK31 DJ7OW 599 599
Franz Bremerhaven
25-Nov-2001 14:29:27 10109.918 10109.918 BPSK31 OM1DM 599 599
Josef Bratislava
25-Nov-2001 14:41:46 10110.150 10110.150 BPSK31 DL4MD 599 599
Dirk Schnelldorf
25-Nov-2001 14:49:24 10110.464 10110.464 BPSK31 OM9ALZ 579 599
Daniel Bratislava
25-Nov-2001 15:27:34 10109.997 10109.997 BPSK31 IK3RIV 599 599
Aldo Belluno

Re: OG-Endorsement


Just a little showboating, eh Erika?

de AA8QQ - Jay

Re: 12m warc

Ross <rrslater@...>

Boy I don't see anything on my waterfall..

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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2001 10:17 AM
Subject: [070] 12m warc

Gobble gobble gobble...Hey guys, the turkey's in the oven, now to the
important stuff hi! N3DQU will be looking for traces on 24.924 at the top
the hour all day til the turkey's done! Hpe everybody has a good one...73
Jay N3DQU.

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Steve Gaiser <w0sdg@...>

I too would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Even in such
troubled times, most of us have much to be greatful for, especially the
friendship that comes from all of you. Best wishes and God Bless..

Steve - W0SDG

Happy T-day


Hi All,
Even though Thanksgiving is a US (I believe) holiday, I wanted to extend a
warm holiday greeting to everyone in our PSK groups. It's a day to be
thankful for all we have, good friends and ham radio at the top of the list.
So even if you can't enjoy a turkey dinner with us, take a second or two to
think about how blessed we all are to have this great hobby.

73 and no bellyaches,
de Jay - AA8QQ

12m warc


Gobble gobble gobble...Hey guys, the turkey's in the oven, now to the
important stuff hi! N3DQU will be looking for traces on 24.924 at the top of
the hour all day til the turkey's done! Hpe everybody has a good one...73 de
Jay N3DQU.

Happy Thanksgiving!



On behalf of myself and TARA (Troy Amateur Radio Assoc. - N2TY) I'd like to wish ALL of you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day!

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

Re: USS Pampanito


It was GMT. Sorry if there was any confusion. At least I did have
a QSO with you Jay. A bit rough, but we made it.

73, Steve KQ6VH

--- In 070@y..., AA8QQJMauch@a... wrote:
Is that 1700 - 2100 GMT or Pacific time? Makes a big difference.

de Jay - AA8QQ

Re: USS Pampanito


Yeah, thanks Steve,
Don't ya just hate when a KW sized PSK31 signal pops up right next to your
Thanks for what we had of a QSO. Hope to do it better next time.
73 for now, CUL
de Jay - AA8QQ

USS Pampanito


Dennis K6DF and I will be operating from the USS Pampanito today,
November 19th from 1700hrs to about 2100hrs. We will be doing CW,
SSB and PSK. For the time we are operating PSK we will be on 14.070.

Sorry for the late notice, but I hope we can get a few QSO's in with
some more 070 members.

73, Steve KQ6VH

Re: USS Pampanito


Is that 1700 - 2100 GMT or Pacific time? Makes a big difference.

de Jay - AA8QQ

12m warc


N3DQU now looking for traces on 24.925 ...

de 'dqu on da palm ..

PSK End of Summer Sprint


Well guess all the hard work was worth while...

I just recived a 1st place award from the contest not bad for first time on
(less than 5 watts) it was for First place for Idaho but still a first place.

Thanks Jay for getting me to enter just to get the endorcement.

Steve D

OQ Activity Days

ON4CAS / N1TOI <egbert.hertsen@...>

As you probably heard, the UBA is currently sponsering the commemorative "OQ
In order to give any HAM and SWL a fair chance to work/hear the required
number of OQ stations, two "OQ Activity Days" are being organized. We urge
all Belgian HAMs to make use of their special OQ prefix and propose to make
as much QSOs as possible using the following scheme:
Dates: Sunday December 9th AND Saturday December 22nd 2001
From 07.00 UTC till 08.00 UTC : 80m CW only
From 08.00 UTC till 10.00 UTC : 80 & 40m SSB
From 12.00 UTC till 19.00 UTC : all other HF bands, all modes
From 19.00 UTC till 22.00 UTC : 6m, 2m and 70cm, all modes (except packet
radio and repeater contacts)
This is NO real contest such as the UBA, ON or Spring contests. The aim is
to give anyone interested in the OQ award the opportunity to make the
necessary contacts. However, the UBA award manager will be sponsering a
plaque or trophy for the UBA member who, using his/her OQ call, makes the
highest number of QSOs. Anyone wishing to participate in this challenge is
invited to send his/her log to ON4CAS. The plaque or trophy will be handed
over during the UBA General Assembly 2002. Furthermore, special certificates
will be awarded to the HAM outside Belgium AND both the ONL and foreign SWL
who logs the highest number of OQ stations during these activity days. Logs
should be sent before January 15th to: Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS, Postbus 85,
Mechelen 2, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium -- or via e-mail: or
Please feel free to send an e-mail if you have any further questions about
these activity days and/or the OQ award...

73 de Egbert
UBA Award Manager



Worked Jeremy a couple hours ago on 20m. He is /MM off the coast of
Puerto Rico...If you wrk N1ZZZ/MM send me ur log data es I'll send ya an " I
WRK'D N1ZZZ/MM IN 2001" spot fer ur certificate...73 de Jay N3DQU.

PSK Fest


Hey Steve,
- QRP Single Band 5 watts

Hmmmm, sound like this category was made just for you. 
Anyone else run single band/ QRP?

de AA8QQ - Jay

PSK problem II

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi Duncan & Andris,

Thank you vy much for the quick reply!
I have forwarded your suggestions, and hopefully we will have another OP on PSK31 soon. TNX Guys! 73 de John kc0deb

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PSK Problem

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi everyone,

I need some help solving a problem someone has hr in Kansas City.
At our last Hamfest I had a Demo PSK31 station up and going, and got quite a few guys interested in PSK31. Now, one of the Op's ( WB0MDP Wally ) has this problem hooking up his Drake TR7. He had an interface made by a local HAM Store, which should work fine. He can't get any sound to and from his rig. The cables check out fine, and I have taken him step by step through the setup , volume controls etc. Still no RX and TX.
He had his PC system and soundcard checked, and his Gateway 233 MHz is performing fine, as is his Drake TR7. Software is Digipan. He told me he checked the cable from the rig to the Line In, and he has audio at the 3.5 mm jack. I figured that it would be a Volume Control Setting problem. Or in worst case scenario, corrupted software? Is there any other possibility I have overlooked?
Wally is ready to throw the towel in the ring, and give up.
Your suggestions would be much appreciated! I really want this guy on the air in this Mode. Tnx in advance Guys! 73 de John KC0DEB

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NEW: the OQ Award

ON4CAS / N1TOI <egbert.hertsen@...>

The Belgian IARU society UBA proudly presents The OQ Award at the occasion
of the birth of H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth, born on October 25th, 2001.
Belgian stations are entitled to use the special prefix OQ till the end of
2001. Every HAM and SWL is encouraged to apply for this commemorative


Work/hear stations using the OQ prefix between October 26th and December
31st, 2001.
On HF, Belgians need at least 15 different stations, including at least 4
different prefixes;
On VHF/UHF Belgians need at least 20 different stations, including at least
6 different prefixes;
Other Europeans need at least 7 different stations, including at least 3
different prefixes;
All others need at least 5 different stations, including at least 2
different prefixes.

There are no band restrictions, but repeater contacts are invalid. All
modes, except packet radio may be used.
An award picture can be found at:

Send your log extract + the fee of 5 ? or 5 $ no later than February 28th,
2002 to:
UBA Award Manager, Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS, Postbus 85, Mechelen 2, B-2800
Mechelen, Belgium.

Hot News! Ducie Island on PSK!!!

Steve W3HF

Hey guys,

I was just monitoring 20m PSK a few minutes ago (about 0015z) and saw
the following transmission:

...... We are testing the K31 Contraption.
....... Miga come ohc e,I as a new DMCC entity.
....... Please listen for us on the 16 November 200rom 000 UTC on.
....... This is jnst a test of the PSK31 ConttaŠ on.
....... 73 & DX .....

I was aiming the beam west from Sunnyvale CA. So I think this is the
Ducie Island team. No other announcement has ever indicated they
would operate PSK, but this seems to change things.

Too bad I'll be leaving CA just around that time. :-(