Re: QRP sticker #endorsements

Steve W3HF

Dave -

Sorry for the delay in responding. We've had to poll the group to recall how this one was done. The specific wording that's in the listing harkens back to the early years of the club, when all endorsements were processed manually. Obviously there's no way to upload a brag file to the endorsement checker. 

We believe that when the checker was written, it implemented a rule that looked for the ADIF tag TX_PWR, which is defined as "the logging station's power in watts (>0)." If the checker finds a QSO that has TX_PWR included with a value between 0 and 5, the checker "awards" the QRP bumper sticker. We just don't know if that portion of the checker is still working.

So give it a try and let us know how it works. If this turns out to be another situation where the checker is not working, we'll figure out another way.


Coming 1 Week -TDW 2021-Three Day Weekend Contest

stan W9SMR

TDW – Three Day Weekend Contest - TDW – Just 1 Week Away


Three Day Weekend will run:

0000 UTC Friday, June 4 - to 2359 UTC Sunday, June 6 – (72 Hours)

This PODXS 070 Contest includes all bands from 160M to 6M (no WARC Bands).

The contest is open to all amateurs. Welcome all Newcomers and invite them to join us.


Be sure to review the rules at: TDW Rules


There will be 8 Bonus Stations spread across the continent, so everybody should have plenty to pick from. Bonus Stations count as 100 points.


2020 TDW Top Dawg Tom, KD6TR, will be a Bonus Station. He will be joined by another PNW target, Barry, VA7GEM. The 8 bonus stations straddle the US with 2,571 miles separating VA7GEM and KC3FL. And N5SLY and KE5PYF are cozied up just 64 miles apart.


Here is the complete list of 2021 Bonus Stations.



A popular contest like the TDW is an optimal opportunity to make great progress on your endorsements. Several members are oh, so close to LONP success.  Matthew, KT5WB sits at 98 QSOs; Darl, NA8W is at 90; and Jim, W0JSL is at 90 poised to grab their LONP. Keep your eyes open for new Grids.

Don’t forget to check for Sporadic-E propagation on 6M. It is the season for that! Post your QSY intentions on the Reflector and be sure to spot anything seen (and yourself) on PSKReporter.

Logs will be due 1 week after the contest closes.

So check the rules, arrange your schedule to participate as much as you can, relax and enjoy the PODXS 070 TDW Contest.




W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director

Re: Just worked our newest member

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I got him on the 23rd from Meadows of Dan on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Still on the road and planning more radio ops.

Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381

Just worked our newest member

Jerry N9AVY

Ted , KN4ZXG  # 2834 !   John , KC3FL, got in right after me. So Ted now has 2 PODXS numbers !   He may show up for TDW as I told him about it.

New grid and new LONP today !!!  Things are looking up !

Jerry  n9avy

Re: DM58

Jerry N9AVY

P.S.  Arches National Park so a POTA ???

Jerry  n9avy

On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 03:21:26 PM CDT, Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:

Just worked KE5JL/7 in Moab UT in Grid  DM58 if anyone needs that grid.   20m  at 2010 UTC 

Jerry  n9avy


Jerry N9AVY

Just worked KE5JL/7 in Moab UT in Grid  DM58 if anyone needs that grid.   20m  at 2010 UTC 

Jerry  n9avy

N3FJP ACLog v..7.0

Jerry N9AVY

Haven't tried it yet, but wondering if anyone else has ?    Will support 13 colonies and other contests.  New features.

Jerry   n9avy

"Scott, N3FJP, announces the availability of Amateur Contact Log 7.0, with the following features/improvements:
  • Easy, direct, integration with WSJT-X
  • Support for the 13 Colonies annual event
  • States lookup for DX spotting (and WSJT-X)
  • Support for the free HamDB Callbook Lookup service (which includes USA, Canada and a few other countries)
  • Grid is now returned with the free callbook lookup service (grid is already provided in most other callbook lookup options)
  • Right-clicking on the main form's Spot Last button provides the opportunity to add a comment

Other N3FJP programs have also been updated:

  • ARRL RTTY Roundup 3.9 (which also supports FT Roundup)
  • CQ WPX 4.9 (not WSJT-X applicable, but you can enjoy the rest of the enhancements in next week's CQ WPX CW contest)
  • Field Day Log 6.6
  • VHF Log 6.6
  • World Wide Digi DX 1.2

For more information, see the announcement, or visit the N3FJP website."

QRP sticker #endorsements


How does one go about applying the qrp bumper sticker.

Dave NU4N #1657 73's

Re: Upcoming APE - 2021

Jerry N9AVY

Some people still driving their original rides Emoji ! Never trade up to those new-fangled electric things.

jerry  n9avy

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 02:32:09 PM CDT, N6MG - Milt. via <n6mg@...> wrote:

I'm so ready for APE - 2021 !

Upcoming APE - 2021


I'm so ready for APE - 2021 !

DAZE 4 CHIMP Operations (POTA K-8298 Mittry Wildlife Area)

Darin - KO4EJD

Daze 4 Wrap Up
This was my first remote operation and POTA activation. 
Get on the air
POTA Activation using PSK
Get some new LONP #s

Happy to say all 3 were accomplished.  Thank you to those making contact with me.  I appreciate your help in meeting my goals. 

Radio Ops consisted of my IC-7100, Super Antenna on tripod, MFJ analyzer, power provided by Honda generators.
I had the same issues as everyone else, EU PSK63 Contest and poor prop.  I made 12 contacts on day 1 and 2 more on day 2.  I had another contact ready to log when the battery fuse popped the morning of day 2.  Oh well that's how it goes.
We improved our shade on the morning of day 2 (Military taught me to improve my position every day).  Sun was coming up and moving rapidly towards the table I was on.  The flat part of the ground was mostly taken by living and cooking areas.  We hung another tarp in front of the table and added another later behind.  It helped with the glare on the screen as well.

We (Wife and I) left on Friday morning to setup and be ready for Daze 4 by 5:00pm local.  We found a good spot with view and just behind us was an elevated area for the antenna.  I'll try and upload logs today.  Still unpacking and putting stuff away. 

Challenge 1:  Staking out the tent.   We were not prepared for the hard dirt in AZ.  We're use to sandy soil of Florida.  We did get a couple in after breaking 3.  We used rocks for the remainder.
Challenge 2:  Generators.  The generators were not running efficiently.  During setup and testing both cutoff.  No it was not gas, both we're topped off :)   I was thinking great this over before it begins.  I started checking wiring and retesting.  I was finally able to get the setup correct and use the generators by doing some load balancing.
Challenge 3: Sun, wind and heat.  Shade trees are scarce in the desert so we grabbed our tarps (I thought to grab 2 extra blue tarps just in case. good thing too) and started hanging them to provide needed shade around the camp.  Worked out well.  We gave them some room to blow up when strong gusts hit us.  Happy to announce we didn't lose a tarp nor did the tent blow down. 
Challenge 4: Blew a fuse on morning of day 2 on my battery backup power.  I went to test the battery and make a contact on just battery power.  CQ called and answered.  On my reply poof goes the breaker.  No spare breaker and so much for this test.

Overall we had a great time.  Took a couple of hikes, a jeep ride and a quick dip into the water to cool off.  We considered this operation a success.  Pictures to show our site are attached.

Lessons Learned:
Better tent stakes
Extra fuses
Generator tune up

See you on the waterfall,

Successful CHIMP operation

Paula K7PAX #1739

Had a successful CHIMP operation using a foldable hexbeam set up on the patio, with a laptop and IC7000 on the diningroom table as it was too cold and too bright outside. Propagation was dismal on Saturday, and after operating for 5 hours I finally made my 5 contacts as follows:
KC3FL John, WL7CG Alan, N6MG Milt, N5SLY Lee, and W0GZR Mark. I will do it again, but with a different antenna. The folder was kind of a PITA, if you know what I mean!
Paula K7PAX #1739

Re: Icom IC-7300 firmware 1.40


Forget this thread.  Turns out the fellow was running a program called Win4IcomSuite and it was a setting in that program that kept resetting the timer.

Re: It’s Over - CHIMP CHASE #1 and Endorsement Daze #4

Darin - KO4EJD

I'll try and post tomorrow. Pretty tired right now. 


On Sun, May 23, 2021, 5:47 PM stan W9SMR <robinstan@...> wrote:
It’s Over - CHIMP CHASE #1 and Endorsement Daze #4
Saturday, May 22
Sunday May 23


The introductory Chimp Chase for qualified portable expeditions away from your home radio shack has concluded. Were you able to get everything working in your Backyard or on the Park picnic benches and make the needed 5 QSOs?.


Was your portable operation an official POTA or SOTA?


Send us the Glorious and/or Gruesome details using the Reflector or via direct email to me. We want to share your pain and glory!


If you had a successful operation, a “CHIMP CHASE Atta-Boy” PDF will be emailed to you.


For this introductory attempt to be a valid CHIMP CHASE, the operation must have taken place during the Daze #4 event and have made at least 5 two-way PSK31 contacts with different call signs / bands.  No prior approval was required.



Endorsement Daze Objective - LONP


If you are a new member, this was your Golden Opportunity to start accumulating toward that 100 member contacts required for LONP Membership - Currently, only 451 of our 2,834 members have qualified.


The Official Event duration was:

Starting: 00:00 UTC on Saturday, May 22

Ending:  23:59 UTC on Sunday, May 23


For Endorsement credit, upload your complete log promptly to the Online Endorsement Checker :  Endorsement Checker


If your 070 membership number is above #2786, you should apply for LONP credit by submitting your entire log of member contacts per the Instructions !  



And please send me your comments and suggestions to improve this Event.

I hope to have a repeat Endorsement Daze in August and if the Chimp Chase is popular, we’ll do another one.



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director




Steve WB3LGC


My "solar generator" is homemade.

I am using a four pack of LiFePO4 20AHr batteries.  -


A 2 Amp MPPT Charge controller from diysolarforu -- see: for current models (mine is out of stock)

Mounted (with room to spare) in a plastic "ammo" case. -- this size would work:

I am using a 25 Watt solar panel. --   -- The "p3" charge controller will handle 60 Watts.  Use a larger panel.

ALL of my electrical connections use Anderson Power Pole(s).
I use yellow/black for the solar panel.
I use red/black for 12V out.

The charge controller provides a battery voltage readout (as does the radio).  I use a monitor on a 60AHr battery system.  --
BTW, the 60AHr "pack" uses a different BMS "system" and a 25 Amp DC to DC (plus solar) charge controller and with two hours of driving, I can fully re-charge the battery from the vehicle (see:


I ran a Elecraft KX3/KXPA100 (see: *1) at 70 watts into a 1:1 + 9:1 homemade balun with a 12m mast (see: *2) and 12m of wire and an (aprox)20' counterpoise that I use a Coghlan's Camp Laundry Reel for my counterpoise wire (teflon)(see *3).
A 4B + 4G RAM - Raspberry Pi (Headless) ran Fldigi with a USB sound card (see: *4) and Elecraft USB CAT control.  I ran "remote" with VNC from a cooler(?) kitchen table.
BTW, I use a West Mountain RIGrunner for fuses and a fan to keep the Amp cool.

I hope the links save someone time, IF they want to look up what I am "going on" about.

73, steve WB3LGC

On 5/23/21 8:41 PM, Paula K7PAX #1739 via wrote:
Steve, which “solar generator” did you use, and what equipment did you run with it? 

Paula K7PAX

On May 23, 2021, at 4:16 PM, stephen shearer <sm.shearer.01@...> wrote:

Modified the way the counterpoise is used for the 12m vertical. 
At 1900z... 20m, FT8 @ 9 watts SO, PSK31 @ 70 watts should work?.
I "just" need people listening.


I did make some QSO's.
At 2200z and then some... I packed up the Rig, Computer, and Solar Power "generator" from the deck to have dinner (I am not leaving the rig out on the deck for all to see as they drive/walk by - we live on a corner, so no "backyard".)

73, steve WB3LGC  -- good practice for FD.

On 5/22/21 12:41 PM, stephen shearer wrote:

OK, I did get on and make a few QSO last night.  Later then I expected as company dropped by.

NOW, today (after 1200z)  I had problems getting the "working last night" W10 machine and Winwabler to work (correctly - as it was last night).  Is it the heat (87F going to 92F) ??  maybe?  

I switched to my Raspberry Pi + Fldigi.  It is working, but I am seeing only PSK63 and stations working EU PSK contest.

IT IS hot, I am going to try later this afternoon.  I was only running 5 Watts, but solar...  The 12m mast with 12m wire/9:1 balun tunes well.  I tested 80m to 15m with good SWR before using the ATU. 


On 5/21/21 4:02 PM, stephen shearer wrote:

CHANGE - tonight 0000z to 0200z I will NOT be portable...  BUT I will be on 80m from DE for anyone needing the state.  IF, 80m is a dud, I will move to 40m...  I will be running 70 watts.  I will also "chase".

I am trying to "iron" out the kinks with Winwabler.  I have used it before, its been a while.  Not using Raspberry Pi as I "think" Winwabler (and W10) may be better for "contests" aka FD. 

Tomorrow, morning (after 1200z) I plan on being portable.

73, steve WB3LGC #2814 FM19er Wilmington, DE

On 5/20/21 11:41 AM, stephen shearer wrote:

OK, since May 22 starts at 00z... 
Weather permitting (forecast - to be nice)  I will be on 80m (maybe 40m) from 00z to 02z. 
I "expect" to be running 70 watts. 

73, steve WB3LGC

On 5/18/21 10:33 AM, stephen shearer via wrote:

Weather permitting, I plan on being active May 22.  "portable" from the backyard deck. 
I will at least be running 10 watts.  Antenna 12m random wire vertical. 
Current forecast is cloudy and <25% chance of rain, but 86F may limit me to morning hours.
A nice "dry" run for Field Day...

Plan 20m and 40m
WB3LGC #2814 FM19er Wilmington, DE LoTW upload

changes will be announced via email.
OK, if the station is outside with portable antenna, can I operate remote?  (inside - not in shack - portable wifi)

73, steve WB3LGC #2814

On 5/17/21 8:39 PM, stan W9SMR wrote:
CHIMP CHASE and Endorsement Daze #4
Saturday, May 22
Sunday May 23


CHIMP CHASE  -  Let Us Know Your Plans


You’ve had a couple weeks to make your plans. Please let us know if you plan to go Chimp Chase portable and we will look for you!!


A Chimp qualified portable expedition site must be away from your home radio shack. You may use home power but you need to set up a temporary/portable antenna and station away from the home shack. Backyard ops and park picnic benches are encouraged for this category.


Paula K7PAX #1739

Re: JM7OLW - Suke on 20m


Dr Suke has one hellofva antenna system!
Almost a daily fixture on the bands from N6 land.
And, he's really not shy about describing his station.

-----Original Message-----
From: stan W9SMR <robinstan@...>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2021 4:56 am
Subject: [070Club] JM7OLW - Suke on 20m

Suke bombing into NE Indiana at 30dB...

Approx 14,071 


Re: Report for N7WE/P - Correction

Rick - N7WE

Looking back at my log, Saturday was 1 YV.  Sunday was 1 YV, 1 PR, and 1 VE making all DX 2 - YV, 1 - PR, and 1 - VE.
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

Daze #4 and Chimp Chase Report for N7WE/P

Rick - N7WE

Well I had a good time!  Not without challenges, but that is part of portable ops.  My plan was to do "car portable" - HamStick on the roof.  That fell apart Friday evening when the coax to the magmount decide to go open inside the mount.  So I switched to the backup plan - wire in the tree come Saturday morning.  Sure could have used a Chimp to run the end of the wire higher up in that tree than 15 feet!  But it tuned OK.

I used my Elecraft K3, microHAM USB III interface, Bioenno 12 Ah battery, and my laptop (which had to run on shore power - another story!) from the lanai.  Backyard portable.  Fortunately, the lanai is screened and has ceiling fans. 


Saturday prop was not great and there was lots of PSK63 for the EU contest.  But I managed to make 8 Qs including one with a YV!  Sunday was much better prop and the PSK63 was gone.  I added another 8 Qs (1 dupe from Saturday); 2 more YVs and a VE, so I ended up with 15 distinct calls.  6 were 070 members and one a new LONP credit for me.  DX was 3 - YV and 1 - VE.  All in all a real fun event.

The takeaway?  I've definitely got to do something to improve the portable antenna setup before the next Chimp Chase! 

Thanks to Dave - KB3RAN, and Stan - W9SMR, the guys that put together the Chimp Chase.  At this stage of my life it is pretty clear I'm never going to do an APE.  This was the next best thing to it!  Thank you!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

Re: JM7OLW - Suke on 20m


I saw him around the same time.  First time in many years since I've seen him this time of day.  Change in operating habits or propagation?

JM7OLW - Suke on 20m

stan W9SMR

Suke bombing into NE Indiana at 30dB...

Approx 14,071 


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