Zakanaka and neutered Tom Cats?

Ed Bruchac <ebruchac@...>

Well Duncan,now that you mention it, our Tom Cat has had ,"Delusions of
Gender",ever since returning from his visit to the vet.....


Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Last night approximately 02:00z 4K6DI was calling CQ
on 20M. Couldn't get him even with a strong signal
into PA.

73, WB5NHL

Re: Zakanaka?


Sounds like a virus someone wanted to spread around.
Guess it wasn't as catchy as they thought.
Jay - AA8QQ

Ten Tec - New QRP rig coming in August.


Saw a small note in this month's QST that Ten Tec is coming out with a new
QRP rig in August: 160-10m, 20w max out, all mode, built-in cw keyer, all
band rcv, if dsp, 100 memories, they even give you a mike this time, price
$795 (same price as an SG-2020 with dsp, but abt 100 bux more than an
FT-817)... Looks interesting, but for some reason they opted to use led's for
the freq readout, so rcv current draw kind of heavy for battery ops..for more
info check out their website at < > ....Jay

PSK programs etc

Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
Seriously now, there are those who will tell the world that their program/radio/antenna/computer/etc
is the best! Just because they have it. Many comments are made in the usual stuff
sent over the radio, and usually the guy saying it means well. Stick with the program
you are familiar with, and become proficient using it, especially working split!

Consider the recipient of your message....Are they really interested in the program/radio/computer/temp
in your shack? Probably not! Interest may be centred on your power, and perhaps your
antenna, for them to make rationale of the propagation conditions.
They already know that you have a computer with a soundcard inside what's
the point in wasting time telling them?
I don't really care how fast, or how much RAM is in it.
Most do not read what the other guy is saying anyway, because they are too wrapped
up in their own ego...
The proof is on the screen in front of you when there is a rare DX station on the
band printing: XX0XX QRZ up...
and people continue to call on his trace!
And then when someone calls a specific station or area of the world when they know
they have propagation to that area, people will call without reading what the guy
is printing.... It is a little disturbing at times. The solution is to find out what
is happening on the frequency by looking at what's happening, before you PTT...or
TX the
Sticking the time in UTC at the end of a QSO just wastes time, especially for the
rest of the DXers who would like to make a contact to the DX!
Save that for those who don't have a clock in their computer!
DXCC contacts require Date, Mode, Band, and Callsigns only, the rest is irrelevant
and can be found out be other means.
The time in UTC may assist in a log search, but it is not a requirement...
73s Duncan

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Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
Ed N4ZUM requests:
Any comments on Zakanaka appreciated.

Is it the reason your tom cat was taken to the vet?

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Re: Jim's GAZETTE Newsletter #124


Hi Bernie, Jay and the others,
Yes Bernie you are right, living in a high rise with loads of neighbors I never had an amplifier but was just lucky to get the permission to put up my logperiodic on the roof. I have a simple FT900, now six years old, and a lot of persistence, can't stop going in a contest (when the condx are good) .
And Jim got it right when he compared PSK with soccer,
kids are playing it everywhere here, they don't need expensive gear, sometimes a tin can must do for a ball.
See you in the next Rumble!
73's Erika/DL2AYL

Re: Jim's GAZETTE Newsletter #124

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Jay and All,
  I think Jim's thoughts are pretty accurate.
  In my opinion, and we all know what opinions are like, the mega-buck, mega-watt stations don't have much of an advantage over the plain ole, run of the mill rig, in a PSK contest, except for one thing, all these fellers who spend more money on their amplifiers, than I make in a year, have extraordinarily good antennas. I think the antenna along with LOTS of persistence are the keys to getting a good score in a PSK contest. Besides, it sure is more satisfing to work someone halfway around the world on 25 watts, rather than a killerwatt.
       73, Bernie / KF4FHS

   So what do  you guys think abt Jim's analogy? Do you think that PSK levels the playing field for all as he suggests? Can we say that PSK is the IROC of ham radio, or are we still just babes in the woods who have yet to learn the ins and outs of contesting? Ur comments greatly appreciated...Jay N3DQU.  

Re: Jim's GAZETTE Newsletter #124


In a message dated 6/20/2002 12:26:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, N3DQU@... writes:

But, the only level playing field around is PSK and its puny bandwidth,
piddling power output and dinky antennas. As a result PSK has a bit of the
of soccer. Anybody can do anything in PSK. Nobody, even those who
occasionally destroy the band with a giant signal, have much of an edge over
person running a measly 25 watts to a dipole in the attic.

   So what do  you guys think abt Jim's analogy? Do you think that PSK levels the playing field for all as he suggests? Can we say that PSK is the IROC of ham radio, or are we still just babes in the woods who have yet to learn the ins and outs of contesting? Ur comments greatly appreciated...Jay N3DQU.

Jim's GAZETTE Newsletter #124


Newsletter #124
20 June 2002

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any and all interested
parties, or to reproduce it in
any publication. All we ask is that you give credit where it is due.

SHORT NOTES: NOTES: Email for 4X6UO should be addressed to
gldc1090@..., Thanks to the many responses to my plea!

If you grew up anywhere near New York City and had an interest in radio,
there was but one place to go. A magnet for hams and hams-to-be and anybody
else with an interest in radio, this special place was called Radio Row, a
perfect definition of a Manhattan neighborhood devoted to the subject. You
see it all again by dialing to
Take a peek and enjoy for there is nothing left of the real thing!

An interesting note from Dick KD6AZN/7J1BBC followed up on the attitude and
practice of the PSK31 operator during traditional contests and DX pileups.
They are a different breed. After commenting on the ARRL poll, blaming PSK's
victory on the faddishness of new modes, Dick went on to make the
following observations: 'Lots of guys with computers and digital soundcard
modes (PSK, MFSK, etc) really don't understand where they are transmitting
on the spectrum. In the recent Wake Island DXpedition, the op called .5 to 1
UP. With my 4 Khz spectral display I could see half the callers were split
must have been LSB. They call went .5 to 1 DOWN, into the Pacific Ocean. No
chance of a return from Wake.

My favorite, though, is the software that allows the operator to send out a
macro saying-logged in at TT:TT:TT Z. The computer calculates and precisely
enters the time . . to the nearest 1/100th of a second. Remarkable! But many
times the operator failed to set the computer and the time/day report was
hours or even days off. Makes for interesting logs!'

Thanks Dick. Yes, I've seen it all. Hi! In reality, though, I don't think
many of the PSK operators think in terms of exact frequencies. Rather they
Bands. If they want to work 20M, they set the USB dial at 14.0695 and work at
the visible signals. Clicking above or below that QRG doesn't register as a
frequency shift. It's merely a mouse click that puts the cursor on the next
or best trace on the waterfall. It's an easy habit to form. After all, what
does it make whether it is to the left or the right of the 14.0695 mark. My
Pegasus dial on the laptop screen doesn't change from that setting whether I
move up or down as I tune. The exactness issue is quickly forgotten in that
environment and, though the habit may change over the years who needs to
know whether the contact was made on 14.068.2 or 14.070.4?

All of which leads to much of the confusion seen when the DX op goes to a
split operation. It's not too difficult even for those of us who have been
from such stuff for a long while. But for the typical new PSK user it is
probably so much doublespeak. Maybe some kind sole will write up a nice,
fundamental tutorial on the subject. I'll surely be happy to distribute the

Joe EI4FV is, yes, Irish. And it was with some obvious pleasure that he
forwarded the story about Lee DeForest and his Irish experiments during the
1903. It involved stations in Ireland and Wales and operators who were
sending code back and forth at 30-35 WPM, even though amply fortified with
product from the local pub! The excellent tale of life in the tower (and the
incredible event that followed) can be found at
Do read it.

In any event, the Bayside Scouts are going to commemorate this important test
operation by operating EI4LDF during June 29-30. All bands included and
modes are CW and PSK31. Work them!

But that's not the end of the EI4FV story. During an Email exchange, he
suggested that I might want to root for the Irish soccer team who were to
play the
Spaniards that very night. I wished his team well, though I had absolutely no
intention of staying up all night long to witness the event! HI. In fact I
so little about soccer having watched but a few minutes on TV over the years
that it just isn't on my schedule. Oh, I admit to a bit of enthusiasm when
US Ladies team won big a while back and now there is a bit of a tingle now
that the US Men's team could do something. But that's a bit of pride in the
flag, not a love or understanding of this strange game.

I do admit that the morning after receiving Joe's Email, the first thing I
looked for in the newspaper was the soccer score. Ireland lost on penalty
The game ended in a tie. The two teams then participated in some kind of a
shootout to determine a winner. Perhaps because of such a strange rule, I
decided to watch a bit of the game in this most popular sport of all to see
if I could make any sense of it..

Gradually, I began to understand the reason for the game's universal
attraction. Wherever it is played, in every country in the world, the game is
same. The playing field is level, completely so. There are no fields that
favor one team over the other for if it's muddy, it's muddy at both ends of
the grid.
No team fields more players than its opponent. Yes, players are recruited,
bought and sold to improve the team, though money alone cannot produce a
winning team. For, in the end, the game is decided by a combination of skill,
dedication, durability, intelligence, coaching and coordination performed by
players assembled from one geographic area. In the end, every team has the
opportunity to work a miracle and it happens with some frequency. That's
an unbeatable combination for the fans. And their numbers prove the case. I
can't count the billions and billions who watch the World Cup on TV,
numbers that dwarf the appeal of the more familiar sports here in the US.

So, you ask, what the heck has this got to do with ham radio? Not much,
except for those activities some describe as radio sports-Contesting, for
example. In general, success in any mode is dominated by those with big
antenna farms, multiple rigs, and seriously amplified signals. I don't mean
suggest that it is wrong to build the super station or run the biggest
amplifier or operate the largest number of rigs possible. It is legal and an
method. If winning is that important, and if that is what it takes to win,
it's your privilege, if you can afford it.

But, the only level playing field around is PSK and its puny bandwidth,
piddling power output and dinky antennas. As a result PSK has a bit of the
of soccer. Anybody can do anything in PSK. Nobody, even those who
occasionally destroy the band with a giant signal, have much of an edge over
person running a measly 25 watts to a dipole in the attic.

And that, to get back to the beginning of this epistle, is why I don't think
the ARRL poll is a fluke. The 'fan' appeal of the PSK mode attracts thousands
participants who occupy the various bands 24/7 simply because they love to
play the game. It's no surprise to me that PSK is the favorite by a big and
a growing margin.

73 de Jim N2HOS: GAZETTE at

FD Plans...Zakanaka?


Everyone getting ready,at least on this side of the pond, for Field Day?
I'm using Digipan,but since I've worked so many stations who are using
Zakanaka,I'm curious what the appeal of it is?
Any comments on Zakanaka appreciated.
Ed N4ZUM,sweltering in the 92 degree June doldrums.....

Re: Pse help ...


I'm still looking for DE, IA, and WV.

de Jay - AA8QQ

Re: For European members

Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Hello, I will be there at 10:00h +/- on Saturday and stay till Sunday. For
'on-the-air' meeting. I am attainable on 433.925MHz or few times also on
145.450 MHz. Does anyone has another suggestion ?

73's de Dieter

----- Original Message -----
From: Vlastimil Pejchal <ok1ak@...>
To: <070@...>
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 8:56 AM
Subject: [070] For European members

: Hello dear European members of 070 club,
: allow me one proposal. I should like settle to short meeting members of
070 club at Ham Radio
: in Friedrichshafen. For example 29th july at 10.00 hours A.M. near DARC
stand. Could we take
: collective photo, interchange QSLs and personaly
: meet between ourselves. If you will ride to the
: Friedrichshafen, what do you say to this idea?
: Vy 73 Vlasto/OK1AK

APE's on Vashon

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Everybody,

The xyl, Melonie / KD7ORS and myself, Bernie / KF4FHS will be operating
from Vashon Island, Washington (USI WA-060s), sorry not an IOTA :-( either
the first or second weekend in Aug.

We will be on the air from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, and will
operate on 30 thru 10 meters.

I'll be making up a special QSL card for the 070 club members that we work.

I will post another note, closer to Aug. advising the exact dates.

Although not definite, we are also going to try to go up to Mt. Ranier,
for another weekend, towards the end of Aug., providing the thing don't
erupt before then.

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

Re: Pse help ...

brmccain <brmccain@...>

--- In 070@y..., "Ludìk Salaè" <ludek.salac@s...> wrote:
Hi all,
please info, are any active station in ND, SD, WY, NV.
These are last 4 states for my Lower 48 endorsements.

Tnx+73, Ludek OK1VSL
I also have worked (and confimred with qsl cards)

N0ELA, Steve, in Beulah, North Dakota

KD7RX, Jerry, in Evansville, Wyoming

N0MHZ, John, in Aberdeen, South Dakota

gl es 73 de Bruce, N7XB

Re: Lower 48, Aloha and Alaska

brmccain <brmccain@...>

I'm joining this discussion late, so my small contribution
is "Thanks!" for retaining the Lower 48, Aloha & Alaska (which as we
all know combine for WAS PSK31). I finally received my ARRL WAS PSK31
certificate, having earned it the "old fashion way" with qsl cards.
It was fun, challenging, and a great motivator to get those last
states confirmed. Again, thanks, Jay for listening to your
constituents during this election year . . . : )

BTW: tns fer qsl card(s) and endorsement stickers for 'Rumble & tdw

73 de Bruce, N7XB

TDW log deadline


Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting TDW logs is 01 July
2002...73 de Jay N3DQU.

(Kein Thema)


Sorry forget the freq.: all on 20m

Peter DE2PKH

(Kein Thema)


Hy all's
This Nigth verry good Propagation to VO2, W0, K8 and FO (FO5QS) but here in Europe QRM from Russian Station

73's de Peter  DE2PKH

SV1CAX/MM on 15M Now


Beam toward Panama!
Bob  N0BHC