2002 TDW


Announcing the 2002 Edition of the 070 Club Three Day Weekend (TDW)

Purpose - To work as many 070 Club members as possible in the allotted time
using PSK31 mode. All 070 Club members work each other. Contacts with
non-members do not count for this event.

Date - 0000Z May 31, 2002 to 2400Z June 2, 2002.

Exchange - Callsign, signal report, your first name and your 070 Club number.
Use the member number from your 070 Club certificate. (ex: KA3X de N3DQU 599
Jay 010 kn). Call "CQ 070".

Bands - All HF bands, 160 thru 6 meters, no WARC bands. Work each station
once/band. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No repeater, cross-mode or
cross-band contacts allowed.

Scoring :
QSO points - Each contact with an 070 Club member counts one (1) QSO point,
dupes count zero (0) points. Contacts with non-members do not count for this

Multipliers - Each different 070 Club member number worked, the maximum to be
announced. (Note: The multiplier maximum is based on the total number of 070
Club members. This number will be announced approximately 3 days before the
start of this event. When the multiplier maximum is announced, new member
applications received by KA3X will not be processed until after the
conclusion of the 070 Club Three Day Weekend to keep the multiplier from

Bonus - Each contact with the following stations count as one hundred (100)
bonus points: OK1VSL, AA8QQ, KF4FHS. Bonus stations will be listed in a
separate category.

Final score - (Total QSO Points) x (Total Different 070 #'s) + (Total Bonus
Points) = Final Score.

Awards - Top scores from AS, EU, AF, NA, SA, OC and top scoring Bonus Station
will receive a certificate and a special endorsement for their 070 Club
certificate. In addition, all entries received showing 10 or more contacts
will receive an endorsement for their participation.

Entries - Send log data showing date, time(z), band, exchange received and
claimed score. Be sure to also include your call and 070 Club member number
in your entry. Please send your entry as a .txt file via email (best way) to or via post to:

Jay Budzowski
109 S. Northview Ave
New Castle, PA 16102-1633 USA

All entries must be received by July 1, 2002. A listing of logs received and
claimed scores will be posted on the 070 Club website as they are received.
All entries are subject to verification.

Power - Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid
QRMing the other guys.

Bonus Stations - You can work each Bonus Station once per band but please do
not ask them to QSY to another band for you. Bonus stations will try to work
as many bands as their equipment and propagation allows to give everyone a
chance for extra points but remember that they are in the contest too. No
guarantee that all Bonus Stations will be active on all bands.

Brag files - Calling "CQ 070" means you are in a contest mode, so no need to
send those brag files. If you want to operate in ragchew mode, send out a
general CQ instead.

Macros - Take advantage of your macro keys. Set up one with your exchange.

Alpha List - A good way to keep track of who you’ve worked. A dupe sheet will
be available from the website. For computer logging check out W3KM's Gen Log

Fun - That’s the whole idea!

Any questions send an e-mail to

Jim's Gazette #115


Subj: GAZETTE #115
Date: 2/4/02 5:27:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Newsletter #115
5 February 2002

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any and all interested
parties, or to reproduce it in
any other publication. All we ask is that you give credit where it is due.

SHORT NOTES: Among the boatloads of trivia on the DX and RTTY reflectors,
there is an occasional gem worth repeating and repeating. Here is a good
Bob W2KKZ has a blind friend who can use a computer. But he needs software
that, once a prefix is typed in, gives him the country, beam heading and
Now that's a tough order and I wouldn't have had any idea where to begin.
Dave AA6YQ, however, responded 13 minutes later; "DXView does that. See It's free.' What wonderful help the message portends! And
talk about response time! That's the kind of help that makes you feel good
people in general and about this hobby.

On the other side of the coin, a not so welcome Email from a Pactor II (and
soon Pactor III) fan suggested that PSK31 was a 'kindergarten' mode. Hmmm! I
respond but I did search my memory (a hazardous undertaking at my age Hi!) to
see if I could conjure up a time and place when I last saw or even heard of a
II QSO. Mailbox contacts don't count! I soon gave up. They are even more rare
than a RTTY ragchew these days!

Then I scanned Dima's UT5RP PSK31 DX notes. This kindergarten mode seems to
be pretty well represented. In fact, if you worked all the stations on the
list I estimate you would have racked up somewhere between 90 and 100
countries from all parts of the world. Not bad for a mere beginner.

Dima also mentions some future and some rare DX opportunities for fellow
kindergarteners: J73CCM Dominica on 16-18 February; A big DXpedition to
PW0T 18 February to 2 March, 24 hours a day, all bands
(; T88XF on 9-12 February. And reminds all of us to mark
our calendars for
the Tara Rumble on 24 April.

As always, send your DX notes to

Oh, by the way, Doug N6TQS will be the RTTY and the PSK operator on the KH1
Baker and Howland invasion 30 April-5 May. Maybe we will hear from him on
how he hopes to carve up his operating time between the two modes.

I spent some time playing around and learning at a propagation website
deluxe. You'll enjoy it as well, so take a look at It's a
fascinating facility.

Finally, Steve KF2TI mentioned an interesting piece of software in a recent
note. The address is What you'll find is not
exactly earth
shaking, but it is a tiny utility that converts anything to anything
else-miles to kilometers, temperatures from F to C and reverse and so on.
While I couldn't find a
dollars-to-doughnuts ratio, the table has a great variety of other elements.
It's small and worth having on your desktop.

Mentioned before, but look again department. The NASA photo of Mother Earth
at night is absolutely awe-inspiring. The entire globe can be visited and,
unless you
are from a very small town in the western USA or central Australia, you can
probably locate your own QTH. Truly remarkable! Go to --and
stay awhile!

Finally, Dick K8WT raises one of the more interesting questions of the day.
What, says he, can we as amateurs do to help out in a meaningful way in this
strange and
unsafe world in which we live? It's a good question without easy answers. I
noticed the article yesterday where President Bush got on the Florida
emergency net to
say hello. That will make good press for the ARRL, but it hardly defines the
need nor does it reflect great leadership on their part.

It brought to mind the situation in Desert Storm. At the time, my dear
departed friend TG9VT was handling thousands of messages from the naval
forces in the Gulf.
He and the other Aplink stations around the globe found themselves buried
with traffic. They handled it all because of their complete dedication and
operation. Yet, oddly enough, their service was somewhat limited because
there were no stations on the ground anywhere near the troops.

Their success led me to write to the head of ARRL suggesting that there was
much more to be accomplished with this technology and its existing network.
asked I, can't we get volunteers to put stations on land, not too far from
the troops, where with a packet network we could gather up a huge volume of
messages? Simple, I thought, and a mission to attract many volunteers and
offers of free equipment from willing manufacturers. Perhaps that was a far
too ambitious
proposal but it seemed reasonable at the time in light of what I had heard of
the mammoth phone-patch effort during the Vietnam era. I had a friend, now a
silent key,
who with his engineering students worked his station virtually 24/7 handling
phone patch traffic.

Too simple or too ambitious, apparently, because their answer followed the
usual bureaucratic path to a negative response. 'We are not empowered to do
such a
thing,' or words to that effect, repeated several times, convinced me they
would do anything to avoid the task of taking the initiative. Too bad,
really, because the need
was so obvious (at least based on the volume of Aplink traffic which could
not adequately serve the ground-based troops) that it could have been a
success. A great
and positive aura might have been built around amateur radio's service to the

As it turned out, only the telephone companies reaped much goodwill from that
action. According to my nephew, a doctor in a hospital way out in the desert
near the
front, ATT would occasionally drop a few phone booths near the troops and
give them free access to their family. Wonderful!

Now, the geography involved in today's multi-national action boggles the
mind. Yet we assume that the need for personal traffic is no less than
before, perhaps more
considering the isolation in which most of the forces operate. I surely can't
pretend to know what the answer is. But I don't think we have our hands
around an
up-to-date, viable volunteer service plan. I think the radio operators are
willing and able, I think the technology is in hand, but not much will happen
in a vacuum.

I said several times, 'I doubt I'll watch the SuperBowl.' Gen snorted and
said, 'Yeah!' She, as usual, was right. Having made the mistake of watching
the first few
minutes, I couldn't leave until it was over. What a finish! I surely won't
watch next year because there can't ever be another game like this one.
'Yeah,' I hear from

73 de Jim N2HOS



Subj: [PSK-TARA] UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes #118 $PSKDX118
Date: 2/4/02 3:16:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: <A HREF=""></A>
Reply-to: <A HREF=""></A>
To: <A HREF=""></A>
CC: <A HREF=""></A>, <A HREF=""></A>, <A HREF=""></A>, <A HREF=""></A>, <A HREF=""></A>
Sent from the Internet (Details)


PSK31 DX Notes #118 $PSKDX118
From UT5RP Radio Shack
Odessa Ukraine, February 4, 2002
To all PSK31 DXers

UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes for past week Jan 28-Feb 3, 2002 (BID PSKDX118)
Our Thanks this week go to: 425 DX-News Gang, Ohio/Penn DX Bull.,
W1AW ARRL HQ Station, VK2SG RTTY DX-Gang and OH2AQ's DX Summit

Spotter Freq DX Info Time/UTC
WD9EWK 28120.0 HL4CYG PSK31 1890Hz CQing 0212 28 Jan
XE2TPJ 14069.0 KB8BO psk 0456 28 Jan
UT5RP 14070.0 VK3DHI PSK31 1450Hz 0735 28 Jan
OZ1PMX 21071.2 JI4HM PSK31 0822 28 Jan
OZ1PMX 28120.7 DU3NXE PSK31 0824 28 Jan
F5LGF 28120.0 J28FF PSK QSL via F6ITD 0844 28 Jan
G4UCJ 28120.0 LU6DEZ psk 1450Hz 1355 28 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 4Z5LF PSK31 1320Hz 1435 28 Jan
UT5RP 14070.0 YL2CS PSK31 1820Hz 1445 28 Jan
YU1BW 10140.0 DJ7OW psk 1744 28 Jan
F5PBM 21071.0 HF0POL **PSK31** Miro via SQ5TA 1803 28 Jan
IW3HUD 28120.0 KP4SQ PSK 31 1345 Hz 1932 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10142.0 IK1RAG psk31 CQing 1955 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 YO8RFS psk31 2003 28 Jan
YO8RFS 10141.0 JA1BWA psk Op.Toshi 2007 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 EA4IA psk31 2012 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 SP1NQE psk31 2028 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 SV1EML psk31 2046 28 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 IK1XPP psk31 2105 28 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 RU3AT absolutely amazing PSK sigs 2138 28 Jan
KF4HOU 18100.0 PSK31 psk31 abt 555hz 2211 28 Jan
XE2TPJ 28120.0 KB7JMW psk 2305 28 Jan
XE2TPJ 28120.0 WB9OJE psk 2319 28 Jan
SP2EWQ 1839.9 IV3TDM PSK 2341 28 Jan
SP2EWQ 1839.9 SP9CV PSK 2350 28 Jan

JA3KWZ 14081.4 RW0LFY PSK31 CQing 0655 29 Jan
OZ1PMX 21071.1 DS1CCU PSK31 0704 29 Jan
OZ1PMX 28120.8 DU3NXE psk31 0733 29 Jan
OZ1PMX 28121.6 JA1CPZ PSK31 0927 29 Jan
SP1NQE 28120.0 JR1FCA PSK31 1030 29 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 RU0SA PSK31 1860Hz 1210 29 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 UA0AKL PSK31 1600Hz 1212 29 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1430Hz 1214 29 Jan
UT5RP 14069.0 LY2BOK PSK31 1830Hz 1215 29 Jan
IK2UIZ 21070.6 PJ2MI *PSK31* Via W2CQ Good Op. 1220 29 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 YL2KJ PSK31 1770Hz 1247 29 Jan
UT5RP 28121.0 CU3BL PSK31 1260Hz 1248 29 Jan
DE2PKH 28120.1 J28FF *PSK31*** 1432 29 Jan
DE2PKH 28120.1 4Z5LF **PSK31*** 1437 29 Jan
HL3IB 14070.0 EW7EW PSK 1602 29 Jan
UT5RP 21071.0 YV5AAX PSK31 1170Hz 1616 29 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 9H4CM PSK31 1050Hz 1617 29 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 UR4QI/M PSK31 1480Hz 1618 29 Jan
UT5RP 21071.0 LY2SA PSK31 1160Hz 1619 29 Jan
UT5RP 21070.0 HF0POL PSK31 1410Hz 1655 29 Jan
UT5RP 21071.0 CT3FN PSK31 1450Hz 1657 29 Jan
UT5RP 28121.0 LU7DP PSK31 1220Hz 1658 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 SP9VRY Excellence in PSK signal 1956 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 DJ2TI PSK - superb signal ! 2005 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 PSK Fantastic condx for PSK tonite2010 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 OK1FM PSK extra sigs ! 2014 29 Jan
OK2PCN 14072.4 SV5ADF PSK31 2054 29 Jan
IK2DFZ 1840.0 9A5WA PSK31 2059 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 DL2JWN PSK 2107 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 IK2DFZ PSK 2111 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 SQ9AOR PSK 2134 29 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 ON6NL PSK 2142 29 Jan
IK2DFZ 1841.0 SP3OL PSK31 2146 29 Jan
S53X 1841.0 SP6IHE PSK31 2155 29 Jan

OZ1PMX 14072.1 HF0POL PSK31 0018 30 Jan
KF4HOU 10140.0 PSK31 psk31 545hz CQ 0102 30 Jan
OZ1PMX 14070.5 4X6UO PSK31 0208 30 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 9H4CM PSK31 1060Hz 0606 30 Jan
UT5RP 14069.0 DL9OMK PSK31 1900Hz XYL as she says 0626 30 Jan
UT5RP 14070.0 FK8GX PSK31 1750Hz 0701 30 Jan
OZ1PMX 28120.6 DU3NXE PSK31 0836 30 Jan
UT5RP 28121.0 RU0SA PSK31 1200Hz 1022 30 Jan
OZ1PMX 21073.1 CT3FN PSK31 1040 30 Jan
4Z4DX 14070.0 FR5HA **PSK31** 1437 30 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 LU1FHD PSK31 1970Hz 1542 30 Jan
UT5RP 21070.0 CU3BL PSK31 1780Hz 1544 30 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 4Z5LF PSK31 1520Hz 1556 30 Jan
UT5RP 14071.0 UR4QI/M PSK31 1270Hz 1558 30 Jan
DL9RNO 21070.0 CU3BL PSK31 1692HZ EU175 OP MANUEL 1610 30 Jan
DL9RNO 7035.9 GD3FXN PSK31 592HZ 1627 30 Jan
SP2EWQ 1840.0 DL8JKN PSK - vy nice sigs ! 2006 30 Jan
IK2UIZ 14069.9 9Z4CLB *psk31* Op. Cletus 2050 30 Jan
S53X 1840.7 SP2EWQ *PSK31* 2051 30 Jan
KF4HOU 28120.0 LU3AEA psk31 2217 30 Jan

KG4ENR 28120.0 DU3NXE psk31 0124 31 Jan
RW3XW 14070.0 4X6UO *psk* 850Hz cq...cq 0302 31 Jan
4X6UO 14070.0 XE1L PSK31 LUIS via WA3HUP 0338 31 Jan
UT5RP 14069.0 VK2GQC PSK31 1490Hz QSO with UT4UO 0634 31 Jan
OZ1PMX 28122.0 UN7PBY PSK31 0828 31 Jan
UT5RP 28119.0 V51/DJ4SO PSK31 1400Hz QSL > Home Call 0905 31 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 FR5AB PSK31 1470Hz 0906 31 Jan
UT5RP 28119.0 DU3NXE PSK31 1600Hz 0907 31 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 UN7PBY PSK31 1020Hz 0908 31 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 YL2KJ PSK31 1600Hz 0915 31 Jan
DE2PKH 28120.1 BX4AAC ***PSK31*** 1146 31 Jan
OZ1PMX 28122.0 CX5ABM PSK 31 28.122.040 (mark) 1153 31 Jan
UT5RP 21070.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1120Hz 1325 31 Jan
UT5RP 14070.0 TF3HP PSK31 1310Hz 1327 31 Jan
UT5RP 28120.0 LU9HRM PSK31 1420Hz 1329 31 Jan
KF4HOU 24920.0 YO2BZV psk31 1409 31 Jan
KF4HOU 24920.0 F5QJ psk31 1425 31 Jan
OH3NWQ 50291.0 OH3NWQ psk31 cq 1430 31 Jan
KF4HOU 24920.0 OM3TLE psk31 1453 31 Jan
DL4JCP 28121.0 V51/DJ4SO PSK31 1526 31 Jan
SP2EWQ 18100.0 SV1EML PSK 1640 31 Jan
K8UT 24920.0 V31YN PSK31 1814 31 Jan
WA9PIE 28120.0 YL2KJ PSK31 +1khz 1844 31 Jan
SV1XV 14070.0 HF0POL PSK31 1800 Hz 1935 31 Jan
OZ1PMX 14072.6 CU3AD PSK31 14072.652 (mark) 1944 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 DL4YAO psk31 2103 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 I1VPJ psk31 2113 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 DJ3NS psk31 2118 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 SM3BCS psk31 2127 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 OK1HRA psk31 2133 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 SM4BNZ psk31 2147 31 Jan
JA1BWA 10141.0 RX3DTN psk31 2200 31 Jan

S53X 14070.0 FK8GK *PSK31* 0454 01 Feb
4Z4DX 14070.0 KD1RN/MM **PSK31** 0522 01 Feb
K1BI 14070.0 4Z4DX psk31 0547 01 Feb
DL5MG 28121.1 J28FF PSK31 0704 01 Feb
DL5MG 28120.4 DU3NXE PSK31 0707 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 ER1DX PSK31 1470Hz 0808 01 Feb
UT5RP 28119.0 UN7PBY PSK31 1800Hz 0809 01 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 9H4CM PSK31 1470Hz 0812 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 EP3HR PSK31 1200Hz QSL > I2MQP 0905 01 Feb
IK2SAI 21070.9 VK1WJ ***psk31 strong - Camberra 0944 01 Feb
UT5RP 10139.0 DJ7OW PSK31 1700Hz 1025 01 Feb
UT5RP 10140.0 OK2MF PSK31 1000Hz 1035 01 Feb
OZ1PMX 28122.0 PY7MG PSK31 28121.958 (mark) 1044 01 Feb
UT5RP 28121.0 A92GE PSK31 1020Hz 1055 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 IS0YTA PSK31 1030Hz 1056 01 Feb
UT5RP 21070.0 YV5AAX PSK31 1730Hz 1118 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1730Hz 1150 01 Feb
UT5RP 28121.0 FR5AB PSK31 1130Hz 1154 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 IS0YWA PSK31 1090Hz 1156 01 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 YL2KJ PSK31 1530Hz 1158 01 Feb
OZ1PMX 28121.1 UA9CA PSK31 28121.125 (mark) 1235 01 Feb
9A5WA 28120.0 V51/DJ4SO **PSK** 1315 01 Feb
JE4CIL 21071.0 HS0ZBS PSK31 CQ CQ 1423 01 Feb
PD0IAZ 21072.0 CU3BL PSK31 CQCQ 1453 01 Feb
SM3ETC 21070.0 YK1AO PSK 1516 01 Feb
F5PBM 28121.4 J28FF via f6itd***PSK31*** 1542 01 Feb
4Z4DX 28120.0 WA0ORN south dakota **PSK31** 1738 01 Feb
OZ1PMX 28121.7 LU9HRM PSK31 28121.689 (mark) 1822 01 Feb
OZ1PMX 28121.8 K2CJP PSK31 28.121.814 1848 01 Feb
OM7PA 14071.6 CO2VG *PSK31* 2028 01 Feb
SV1XV 10140.0 DJ7OW PSK31 700 Hz 2130 01 Feb
PY2OF 28120.0 JM7OLW ***PSK*** 1358 hz 2257 01 Feb
JI1ANI 28120.0 H44ZG psk31 1380hz 2337 01 Feb

AB5SD 28120.0 DU3NXE bpsk Chuck 0108 02 Feb
KB5VJY 14073.0 CO3LY psk31 0201 02 Feb
DL0GSN 14070.0 HF0POL psk 0231 02 Feb
N1EZO 14070.1 FR5AB psk 0234 02 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 FK8GX PSK31 1270Hz 0555 02 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 XE3MSL PSK31 1700Hz 0556 02 Feb
UT5RP 14069.0 VK2EDB PSK31 1910Hz 0557 02 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 ZL4AFM PSK31 1940Hz 0616 02 Feb
F5PBM 28121.3 J28FF via F6ITD **PSK31** 0800 02 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 IS0FBK PSK31 1880Hz 0823 02 Feb
HG5BSC 28119.5 BX4AAC bpsk31 0912 02 Feb
OZ1PMX 21072.2 JA5TX PSK31 21.072.221 (mark) 0927 02 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 ES7GN PSK31 1700Hz 0950 02 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 RU0SA PSK31 1970Hz 1040 02 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 SV1EQP PSK31 1340Hz 1042 02 Feb
KU4VE 14070.0 FM5WL cq psk 934 Hz 1047 02 Feb
SV1XV 14070.0 HG4I PSK31 2300 Hz (pfx) 1151 02 Feb
DM3ML 28121.9 CX5ABM PSK31 Leonel 1154 02 Feb
OZ1PMX 28121.5 PP7FB PSK31 CQ CQ 1201 02 Feb
DS5RYB 14070.0 RW0LM PSK31 1204 02 Feb
DS5RYB 21070.7 ZL3AK PSK31 1219 02 Feb
OZ1PMX 28122.8 CU3BL PSk31 28122.781 (mark) 1228 02 Feb
DS5RYB 14070.2 P29CC PSK31 with RA0LM 1257 02 Feb
DS5RYB 14072.4 VK2AFL PSK31 with VK6JJJ 1311 02 Feb
F5OZK 21071.5 OY4TN *PSK-31* 1341 02 Feb
KF4HOU 24920.0 IK2ZEG psk31 1346 02 Feb
IZ5CCS 18101.0 DH1AKG psk31 1347 02 Feb
KF4HOU 24920.0 EU6TV psk31 1404 02 Feb
OM1II 28121.0 OM1AVV YL Hana CQ PSK31 1410 02 Feb
KF4HOU 24920.0 OK1VSL psk31 1437 02 Feb
OZ1PMX 24920.7 KF4HOU PSK31 24.920.702 (mark) 1459 02 Feb
JI1ANI 14069.6 N5T PSK31 1500hz only 1mW!! 1508 02 Feb
N3SL 28120.0 SV4KJ PSK +1240 1510 02 Feb
AB5SD 28120.0 XE2OR BPSK RAFA 1546 02 Feb
UT5RP 28119.0 GD3FXN PSK31 1700Hz 1611 02 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 EW7EW PSK31 1210Hz 1633 02 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1700Hz 1718 02 Feb
SQ1GZD 28120.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1849 02 Feb
SQ1GZD 28120.0 CX3VB *PSK31* 1900 02 Feb
4Z4DX 14070.0 CN8NM **PSK31** 2053 02 Feb
EA7HBP 14070.0 HK4SPX PSK31 2214 02 Feb
DL9RNO 14070.3 LW9DMM PSK31 761HZ PSK31 2325 02 Feb

DL9RNO 24920.0 ES3RM PSK31 746HZ CQ 0823 03 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 UA2FDZ PSK31 1500Hz 0846 03 Feb
S51RS 28124.0 JA1VDJ on PSK 0855 03 Feb
UT5RP 21070.0 EX0V PSK31 1600Hz 0900 03 Feb
UT5RP 28121.0 UA0JQ PSK31 1100Hz 0906 03 Feb
UT5RP 28119.0 HL4CYG PSK31 1750Hz 0935 03 Feb
OM1II 28121.0 OM1AVV YL station CQ on PSK 0949 03 Feb
SQ1GZD 28120.0 EI2IH PSK31 0955 03 Feb
GW0ANA 14070.0 KP2/K8NI psk 1051 03 Feb
UT5RP 21069.0 OY4TN PSK31 1540Hz 1136 03 Feb
IZ8EEI 14070.0 ER1DX cq cq PSK 31 1554 hz 1207 03 Feb
UT5RP 21069.0 LY2BOK PSK31 1670Hz 1310 03 Feb
UT5RP 21070.0 LX1RQ PSK31 1620Hz 1311 03 Feb
UT5RP 21069.0 HB0TC PSK31 1800Hz QSO with LW2DLL 1314 03 Feb
IK2UIZ 28120.1 ZP6GBA *PSK31* Via EA5KB 1315 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 HB9DSF PSK31 1180Hz QSO with UT5FB 1325 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 YL2CA PSK31 1970Hz 1338 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 DL1DRD PSK31 1750Hz 1339 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 IK2IUZ PSK31 1520Hz 1340 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 UT2UB PSK31 1400Hz QSO with DK3JW 1402 03 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 CX5ABM PSK31 1740Hz 1409 03 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 5R8FL PSK31 1200Hz 1410 03 Feb
UT5RP 14070.0 ES7GT PSK31 1760Hz 1441 03 Feb
AB5SD 28120.0 YL2GKB BPSK IGOR 1442 03 Feb
UT5RP 21070.0 N1ZZZ/MM PSK31 1730Hz 1442 03 Feb
UT5RP 28120.0 UN0B PSK31 1340Hz 1450 03 Feb
EA1DDN 28121.0 UX0IK BPSK 1504 03 Feb
K2TE 24921.4 TA2AP PSK31 1534 03 Feb
UT5RP 24921.0 KB8TL PSK31 1150Hz 1542 03 Feb
UT5RP 24921.0 N3MVX PSK31 1700Hz 1544 03 Feb
UT5RP 24920.0 WB9PNU PSK31 1290Hz 1545 03 Feb
OK2PMS 28120.0 ZS6DX **PSK31** 1622 03 Feb
F5OZK 28120.0 LW8EMS PSK31 with me... 1807 03 Feb
LX854 14071.0 LX1RQ BPSK31 1827 03 Feb
SQ1GZD 28120.0 LU3FTT PSK31 1922 03 Feb

Always a lot of 9A, UA, UR, UT, DL, F, HA, OK, I, G, GI, LA, GW, OH,
SP, ON, EA, SM, S5, SV, YO, LA, LU, PY, W, JA, OE, HB and many other
countries on the Bands.

Notes of interest:

9A - Ivan, ZS6IL (formerly ZS6ILU) reports he will be active from the
islands of Brac (EU-016, IOCA-010) and Hvar (EU-016, IOCA-028)
between around 10 February through early March. He will operate
SSB and possibly RTTY and PSK31 as well. [TNX 425DXN]

H4 - Look for Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG to be active (on 6-80 metres
SSB, RTTY and PSK) as H44LB and H44ZG from the Solomon Islands
starting on 2 February. Later (actual date will depend on local
conditions) they will operate as H40YL and H40ZG from Temotu. QSLs
via DL7AFS. Up-to-date information will be available at [TNX 425DXN]

KP2- US VIRGIN ISLANDS. Norm, K8NI and John, W8LBY are QRV from the
WP2Z-Windwood site until February 13. They are signing
KP2/homecalls, with activity mostly on the newer bands and using
PSK31. QSL to home calls. [TNX ARLD]

KP2- John/W8LBY and Norm/K8NI will be active as KP2/homecalls from St.
Croix, US Virgin Islands (NA-106) on 1-13 February. They plan to
concentrate on PSK and the WARC bands. [TNX 425DXN]

S9 - The S9LA DXpedition to Sao Tome (AF-023) [425DXN 554] is confirmed
to take place on 4-11 February. LA5UF, LA5QKA, LA6EIA, LA6FJA,
LA7THA, LA7WCA, LC3EAT, SM5COP and SM5IMO will be active 24 hours
a day with two stations on 160-6 metres CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and
possibily on SSTV as well. The pilot stations are Trond, LA9VDA
(North and South America & Low Bands:, Tor,
LA3WAA (Europe and Africa & 6 metres: and Teru,
JM2HBO (Japan, Asia and Oceania: QSL via LA2N
either direct or through the bureau. Logs will be available at [TNX 425DXN]

PY0T-Trinidade - Good news for the upcoming PW0T DXpedition starting
on 18 Feb. Toni, JA1FGI, and Nori, JA1WSK, paid for and shipped
complete RTTY/PSK31/SSTV equipment to the team. For more info,
check their website: [TNX RTDX]

TARA PSK31 RUMBLE ---> The TARA PSK31 Rumble (The Spring Wakeup),
sponsored by Troy ARA, will take place from 00.00 UTC through 24.00
UTC on 20 April (PSK only on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 metres).
Ruleas are available at or [TNX WM2U,]

SOUTH PACIFIC DXPEDITION (5W and YJ). Michel/F6COW and Dominique/F6EPY
are planning to be active from Samoa and Vanuatu during the months
of February and March. Their operations will be mainly CW. The
focus will be Europe on the low bands (80/40m), WARC bands
(30/17/12m) and the digital modes (RTTY/PSK31/MPSK/MP63) in order
to provide 5W and YJ to many EU radio hams. Their suggested
operating frequencies are:
CW- 3515, 7015, 10115, 14015, 18095, 21015, 24905, 28015 and 50085
DIGI - 7035, 10145, 14085, 21085 and 28085
SSB - 3780, 7075, 14215, 18135, 21215, 24985, 28465 and 50125 kHz
Their equipment includes: Xcvr 1 - ICOM 706 MK2G (main) / ICOM 706
(spare); Xcvr 2 - Yaesu FT100D (main) / ? (spare); Amplifier 1 -
YAESU FL-2100B; Amplifier 2 - YAESU FL-2100B; Antennas- Top loaded
Butternut HF2V vertical monopole with 15 x 10m radials on seawater
for low bands, Butternut HF9V vertical monopole with 15 x 10m
radials on seawater, Vertical polarized quad loop on sea water and
2 element HB9CV for 6m. Their schedule is as follows:
February 19-28th - Look for 5W0MP (Michel/F6COW) and 5W0DA (Domi-
nique/F6EPY) from Upolu, Samoa (OC-097).
March 4-15th - Look for YJ0AOW (Michel/F6COW) and YJ0APY(Dominique
F6EPY) Vanuatu (Efate and Espirito Santo) [OC-035].
A Web site is available at:
QSL via direct (home callsigns of Michel Perrin, F6COW, or Domi-
nique Auprince, F6EPY, as in callbook) or via the French bureau.

The PSK31 DX Notes are available in Packet Radio Network (psk31@ww)
or in the InterNet at URLs: (Full collection since Aug'99!)

or in the PSK-TARA Group Reflector. To subscribe to Reflector send
an empty e-mail to:

or in the Ukrainian psk31 Reflector, to subscribe to him send an E-mail with the "subscribe psk31" in message Body

For next week's bulletin send your bandpass and notes of interest to
UT5RP E-mail:
or via Packet Radio ---> UT5RP@UT5RP.ODESSA.UKR.EU

73's and have a good DX Hunting.
Dima - UT5RP

| UT5RP (since 1959) | Editor of PSK31 DX Notes |
| Dimitry Slyusarenko | CW, FM, PSK31, RTTY, SSB |
| P.O. Box 90 | QSL manager W3HNK |
$ Odessa, 65000 Ukraine | Phone:(380-482) 47-24-08 $


Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Vangelis is on 20 PSK from 300 NW of PR. Very strong
signal into PA

Re: N3DQU in 5-land

Tom <tomias@...>

We used to call that location "Tornado Alley" back in my flying days. Hope
you have good weather. <G>

Tom, k3psk

I will be in Oklahoma from Feb 2 thru Feb 15 to attend a US post office
technical school at Norman, OK. .

Re: N3DQU in 5-land

Dick Thompson <wb0dul@...>

Have fun in OK, Jay. 

----- Original Message -----
From: N3DQU@...
To: 070@...
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 11:32 PM
Subject: [070] N3DQU in 5-land

   I will be in Oklahoma from Feb 2 thru Feb 15 to attend a US post office
technical school at Norman, OK. As far as the 070 Club updates, endorsement
applications and the website is concerned it will be business as usual as I
will have my trusty computer with me. Please note however, that I won't be
sending anything out in the mail until I get back to my home QTH in
Pennsylvania...Tnx es 73 de Jay N3DQU.

   Check out the 070 Club website at
< > for
the latest information on 070 Club activities.
  To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:
070-unsubscribe@... or N3DQU@....

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Re: N3DQU in 5-land


In a message dated 1/31/2002 1:58:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, tomias@... writes:

We used to call that location "Tornado Alley" back in my flying days.   Hope
you have good weather. 

Tom, k3psk

   Yeah, they still call it that Tom...In fact, them people are pretty darned proud too! Go figure hi! Jay.

Re: MFSK16, PSK125F,...


Hi again,

MFSK is not so rare on the bands if you are looking for it,
I have had 77 QSO , most of them on 20 and 15 meters,
worked 40 dx in this mode.
73's de DL2AYL

Re: MFSK16, PSK125F,...


In a message dated 1/31/2002 3:04:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, DL2AYL@... writes:

Hi again,

MFSK is not so rare on the bands if you are looking for it,
I have had 77 QSO , most of them on 20 and 15 meters,
worked 40 dx in this mode.
73's de DL2AYL

   What's this?? I never knew you had THIS skeleton in your closet Erika hi! Jay.

Re: phillipines on 10m


Thanks, Jeff,

I picked him up last evening. I thought 10 was
dead......then.......there he was; the only trace on the
waterfall. What fun!

73, Bill

Just worked DU3NXE on 10m here in Tennessee. He is calling cq and no
one is answering.

Jeff Baker

N3DQU in 5-land


I will be in Oklahoma from Feb 2 thru Feb 15 to attend a US post office
technical school at Norman, OK. As far as the 070 Club updates, endorsement
applications and the website is concerned it will be business as usual as I
will have my trusty computer with me. Please note however, that I won't be
sending anything out in the mail until I get back to my home QTH in
Pennsylvania...Tnx es 73 de Jay N3DQU.

phillipines on 10m

Jeff Baker <jjbaker@...>

Just worked DU3NXE on 10m here in Tennessee.  He is calling cq and no one is answering.

Jeff Baker


Re: MFSK16, PSK125F,...


In a message dated 1/30/2002 3:07:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, kc0deb@... writes:

Subj:[070] MFSK16, PSK125F,...
Date:1/30/2002 3:07:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet

Hi Everyone,

I am reloading several Digimode programs again, after a PC crash, and bumped
into IZ8BLY's "Stream" program.  It looks very nice, does anyone have any
experience working in any of the modes available in this program, besides
PSK31? I find the MFSK en the PSK63 , PSK125 interesting, but haven't heard
anyone to try it with. Are there separate frequencies for these modes, since
they are a bit more broadband than PSK31?  How about it, Jay? (DQU)  You are
always in for an experiment, right?  hihi    73 de John KC0DEB

   Hey, glad to see you made it back safe and sound John! Hope your journey was an enjoyable one. I have in fact used IZ8BLY's Stream program to work MFSK16. The program is really different to use, especially if you are used to Digipan or MixW, but it appears to be a stable program and also has a very good help file. Suggest you use Ernie Mill's very fb tutorial on MFSK16/Stream to help fill in the blanks < >. Seems like the MFSK16 crowd is a very small but enthusiastic bunch and putting out a call on what seems to be a dead band will oftentimes bring them out of hiding hi! Most of them act surprised to hear another MFSK16 signal out there! I think I have maybe 10 or 12 different stations in the log on that mode, even managed to cross the pond on 10m. The mode is definitely different from PSK31 as it has FEC, but don't know if it is much of an advantage. Does sound neater on the air than PSK tho, an interesting mode to play around with...Jay N3DQU.

Re: MFSK16, PSK125F,...

Steve W3HF

Hi Everyone,

I am reloading several Digimode programs again, after a PC crash, and
bumped into IZ8BLY's "Stream" program. It looks very nice, does
anyone have any experience working in any of the modes available in
this program, besides PSK31? I find the MFSK en the PSK63 , PSK125
interesting, but haven't heard anyone to try it with. Are there
separate frequencies for these modes, since they are a bit more
broadband than PSK31? How about it, Jay? (DQU) You are always in for
an experiment, right? hihi 73 de John KC0DEB

John -

There seems to be a small group of folks that explore some of
these modes. I found a group on Yahoo that tries to be a
clearinghouse for skeds for these. I think it's called sound-card-
mode-skeds, or something like that.

KF4HOU is the moderator/owner, I think.


P.S. No, I have never tried any of the other ones, either.

Re: MFSK16, PSK125F,...


Hi Jan Hendrik, seems you are back welcome home! MFSK is a great mode in
rough conditions, you can find signals on 20, 15 and 10 meters among the
RTTY sigs. I have seens PSK63 among the PSK31 sigs, but seems there is not
much interest for those.
73's Erika/DL2AYL

MFSK16, PSK125F,...

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi Everyone,

I am reloading several Digimode programs again, after a PC crash, and bumped into IZ8BLY's "Stream" program. It looks very nice, does anyone have any experience working in any of the modes available in this program, besides PSK31? I find the MFSK en the PSK63 , PSK125 interesting, but haven't heard anyone to try it with. Are there separate frequencies for these modes, since they are a bit more broadband than PSK31? How about it, Jay? (DQU) You are always in for an experiment, right? hihi 73 de John KC0DEB


Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger:



The British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BARTG) offers the BARTG PSK31
Award for working 40 different countries on PSK31. For more info check out
the website at < >...73 de Jay

PODXS DPX digital prefix award program


Just a reminder to all you prefix hunters out there that PODXS is now
sponsoring a digital prefix award program called PODXS DPX. This program is
somewhat like the WPX program sponsored by CQ magazine, but recognizes the
achievements of the amateur radio operator in the digital modes. For
information on the PODXS DPX program go to
< > or < >...Oh yeah, 070 Club members get
a 50% discount on the application fee too! Now is that a carrot or what?? 73
de Jay N3DQU.

Re: Mysteries of the 070 Club Revealed!

Steve W3HF

All the information abt the various 070 Club
programs is
located on the 070 Club website at < > .
Jay -

I occurred to me that the 070 URL does not show up at all on the Yahoo
Groups web site, other than in emails. So I just added it to the
Bookmarks section.

You might consider adding either the URL (or a note to look in
Bookmarks section) as part of the intro writeup on the home page.


Re: Mysteries of the 070 Club Revealed!

Dick Thompson <wb0dul@...>

Hi Jay,
I received my membership certificate (#180) in yesterdays mail.  Thanks to you and Jay.  I'll now be working on the "spots". 
Is there a web site or some other means of finding out what all the different Awards are and the Rules for them?  Also, the same for any PO-DXS (070) contests? 
I have more than enough contacts for the Rag Chewers certificate and will be submitting for it in the very near future. 
070 #180

----- Original Message -----
From: N3DQU@...
To: 070@...
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 12:04 AM
Subject: [070] Mysteries of the 070 Club Revealed!

   Every so often we hear from an 070 Club member who wonders why he
got his certificate in the mail but not his endorsements, or visa versa. For
those newcomers to the 070 Club and those members who have often
wondered but were afraid to ask, here is a brief description of the 070 Club
organization and what happens with your applications.

   The 070 Club is a PSK awards program sponsored by the Penn-Ohio DX
Society, a very small (4 regular members, 4 honorary members) HF-oriented
club located in western Pennsylvania and more commonly known by its initials
PODXS (pronounced PO-DIX), not to be confused with the Ohio/Penn DX
Bulletin, a very fine weekly DX newsletter published by Tedd Mirgliotta,

   The 070 Club itself is run by two guys, both named Jay. For convenience
sake and to avoid any confusion, they will be referred to by their callsigns
and N3DQU.

   KA3X is the manager of the 070 Club and holds certificate #001. He is the
Banana and takes care of the new members, issues 070 Club member numbers,
member certificates, Ragchewers certificates and QSO upgrade spots (e.g. 50,
100, 150, etc). KA3X's email address is < JHudak3rd@... >.

   N3DQU holds certificate #010 and takes care of the 070 Club website and
all of
the information placed therein. He also takes care of the 070 Club reflector,
the endorsements (e.g. Aloha, Lower 48, Hot Dog!, etc.) and often spends his
hours thinking up new ones just to keep you guys busy! N3DQU is also the
contest manager and takes care of such things as the PSKFest (with much
appreciated help from N6YIH/7) and the Three-Day Weekend (TDW), which is
coming up this June btw. N3DQU's email address is < n3dqu@... >.

   If they are lucky, KA3X and N3DQU may see each other once a month. There
no central database and no meetings to conduct 070 Club business. Almost all
correspondence regarding the 070 Club is passed between the two via the
and each mails out the respective items that they are responsible for to the
members. For example, if a member puts in for an upgrade to the 300 QSO level

and also applies for an Aloha endorsement, then the 300 spot will be mailed
by KA3X and the Aloha endorsement will be mailed out by N3DQU.

   For best results, please send your applications and requests to the person

responsible for that particular item. If you send a QSO upgrade to N3DQU for
example, your request has to be forwarded to KA3X and may result in a delay.
the same token, if you send an endorsement request to KA3X, then he must
the information to N3DQU, once again possibly resulting in a delay.

   So you can see that it is quite possible to receive your upgrades,
certificates, and
endorsements all at different times, even though you had applied for them at
same time. Also, please note that when there are many endorsements to be sent

out for 070 Club member participation in a PSK event like the PSKFest, TDW or

TARA Rumble, then the turnaround time for certificates and endorsements will
be longer until things get caught up.

   The 070 Club is free and open to all amateurs licensed to operate on the
HF bands.
Operation of this awards program is made possible thru the support of the
Penn-Ohio DX Society and 070 Club members. Thank you for your participation
and enthusiasm! 73 de Jay N3DQU.

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