CQ Contest!


Well, I gotta admit I am pretty impressed with the way you guys cluttered
up the airwaves for the TARA Rumble last weekend hi! So to reward your fb
efforts and to keep your contesting juices flowin', I thought I'd let ya
know that the PODXS 070 Club is sponsoring a PSK contest this coming June 1st
called the 070 Club Three-Day Weekend. The rules are posted up on the 070
Club website at
< > ....Be lookin' for ya on the
bands! 73 de Jay, N3DQU.

Hello every one


Just a hello to try out the reflector.

This will be a lot faster than the old manual (JAY) system.
The old way worked good but this will really be faster and at the next
we can even update each other or just Brag or complain. HI HI

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did it was great.
Hope to see everyone in the next event UNLESS W3HF gets a multi-band radio
then maybe I can ask his XYL to keep him busy that weekend. HI HI


Steve N6YIH/7  
NO not sore just still eating the humble pie here.


Ray Forrester <bxi@...>


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Re: subscribe


...just jackin' ur chain ray abt antarctic, fb on all...btw think i set it up
so u guys are automatically signed up for the new reflector on yahoo, think
that msg they sent out is kind of misleading...jay.

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