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I know that you might be a bit pooped out after the Rumble (I hear
the Top Dogs will win),


K5SIT BOB <k5sit@...>

Received a card from Uwe ZK1NDS (direct from Germany) from N. Cook Island,
PSK contact on 05/07/01. New one for me.
Thanks Uwe.

de Bob k5sit 73 es gud dx.

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Rumble Time Folks!!



I hope all those team gaffers have distributed their "crying towels" to the members of their teams, because they sure will need them soon....."It's Time To Rumble!"  All of you will soon see why elete force from Team TARA the "Red Fred et el" is #1 !!

Good Luck...See You In the Rumble!
NY2U "Mr.Bill"
Member of Team TARA
"Red Fred et el"

Was great Jay!

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi Jay,

What da ya know? RTTY-ing huh? Hihi I was doing the same thing, just playing around with some software I had downloaded a while back, when I did see your call come by on the screen....N3DQU on RTTY? Testing?
I just had to say hi, and by doing so, made my 1st QSO attempt on RTTY. Didn't go too bad, did it? Was a bit shaky, but that happens during all 1st times I heard..hihi TNX fer 1st time QSO, Jay!
I will have to spend some more time playing with this software to feel more comfortable, Like you said, Digipan has spoiled me rotten....
If there is anyone who has experience working with MMRTTY,and can hand out some tips, it would be greatly appreciated...I am just wandering off into Soundcard based software world, .......
See you all in the Rumble Folks! Beware of the DOG(s), fellas!
Have fun es GL to you all ! 73 de John KC0DEB

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Was it good for you John?


...Ok ok...I'll tell you how it happened...I was checking out my stuff ya
know, for the Rumble and all...and I had this MMTTY program on the computer
that I had downloaded awhile ago, thing I knew, I was calling CQ
on 20m! I really don't know what came over me! Anyways, I was calling CQ and
all, and here comes an answer back...KC0DEB of all people, a fellow psker es
070 Club member to boot! Well, I had never wrked rtty before and neither had
John, so I guess you could say we were both virgins when it came to this
mode...So what I want to know is John, was it good for you? I mean, I gave up
smoking 15 years ago, but to tell you the truth, after our QSO I really
needed a smoke! Know what I mean?? N3DQU.

Re: Rumble Teams Please Read....


Did 070 Busters challenge themselves? Or is that supposed to say challenged
by Team Bravo? Did they accept the Team Bravo challenge?

de AA8QQ - Jay
gaffer - Team Bravo

Rumble Teams Please Read....



This is a reminder that every team that has any intentions of participating in the TARA PSK Rumble on October 6 must register by 00:00 (GMT) tonight (10/5).  Also, if your team wishes to challenge one of the other teams already registered--that too must be done by the 00:00 GMT cut off point. Remember, they're a lot of bonus points at stake, so take a peek at the rules. To see what teams are posted and which teams have challenged others, look at:

TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name 070 ALPHA TEAM
N3DQU Jay Gaffer
DL2AYL Erika
N3UYI Steve
TA2EY Mustafa
N6YIH/7 Steve

challenged by
accepted (y/n)
RED FRED et al
we challenge


TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name RED FRED et al
NY2U Bill Gaffer
PY5XT Eleandro
4X6UO Arie
HA4YF Bela
WM2U Ernie

challenged by accepted (y/n)

we challenge
070 Alpha Team YES
Top Dogs YES
Team Bravo YES
Old F.A.R.T.S.

TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name TOP DOGS
N3XC Tom Gaffer
YL2FD Andris
K6DF Dennis

challenged by accepted (y/n)
we challenge

TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name TEAM BRAVO
AA8QQ Jay Gaffer
AG4CZ John
ON4CAS Egbert
N7DC Danny

challenged by accepted (y/n)
we challenge


TEAM Challenge Declaration

Team name 070 BUSTERS
KB2UUC Karen Gaffer
KC8LJN Chris
N3FX Tony
OE1WEU Wolfgang

challenged by accepted (y/n)
we challenge
Old F.A.R.T.S. YES


TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name Old F.A.R.T.S.
K8IJ Chas Gaffer
W4GJ Bob
KL7ISB Andrew
N4DQ Jere

challenged by accepted (y/n)
we challenge


TEAM Challenge Declaration
Team name WORLD TEAM
W3HF Steve Gaffer
TI2/AK0A Bill
ZL3JT Duncan
OK1VSL Ludek

challenged by accepted (y/n)

we challenge


If you have any questions about the "Rules & Rregulations" please take a look at:   

Thank You!
Bill Eddy, NY2U

OG Special


Check out the new endorsement just posted for working special prefix OG
stations. Info at < > ...73 de
Jay N3DQU.

Re: Old F.A.R.T.S. update

Charlie Trice <k8ij@...>

Greetings all,
The Old Florida Amateur Radio Radio Transmitting Society, or "Old F.A.R.T.S." as we are affectionately called, announces a change of one our team members. 
KE7FN is unable to devote much time to the Rumble due to a previous family/chuch conference.  He is replaced by Jere, N4DQ in Georgia.
We also want y'all to know that we are brewing up massive quantities of Hot Chile and Baked Beans to be consumed during the Rumble.  Certainly our signals will speed to their destinations with the additional propulsion.
Good luck to all and enjoy the Rumble.
VY 73,
Chas, K8IJ
Old F.A.R.T.S. Gaffer

Deadline is close !!!

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Ladies and Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES.
Could all Rumble Team participants please check the "results" page and check your Teams Declarations. Don't forget they will be frozen at 8:00pm Thursday est. (00:00z Friday). You have less than one day!
Also check out the generous offer from our Sponsor, Jim, VE9WH who offers a "Bag of New Brunswick Dulse" to the first place winner in the Normal Category. I have it on good authority that this is absolutely delicious :)  You will find this posted on the "Rules" page.
good luck to all,  73 Ernie WM2U

New Yahoo Group...



I'd like to invite all of you to try our Ernie Mills, WM2U "All New" Elmering Group. This group is centered on digital communications, and the volunteers that are needed to get everyone on-the-air. With the explosion of sound card technology and number of software programs available for a wide verity of digital communications, we need Elmer's to help these new digital pioneers get started. This is Ernie's whole concept. To make available an info group that provides the necessary tools (mainly Elmers!) for those hams that enjoy helping out our newest experimenters, and in many of cases the not so new! This site will  cover all modes SSTV, APRS, ASCII, RTTY, PSK31 and the long list goes on. If you have questions, come join us, we'll try and find you the answers you need. If you enjoy helping out others that are getting started, again, we need you too! In fact Ernie HIGHLY recommends that we ALL take an active roll on this group! So, what do you say, you going to try it out? Come on! Just go to:

Let's make sure that Ernie knows we're all behind him and support his efforts!

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

The World Team

Steve W3HF

To all the dogs, freds, alphas, bravos, busters, and OFs out there:

I am pleased to announce that Ludek, OK1VSL, is the fifth and final
member of The World Team.


[PSK31] UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes $PSKDX100


USS Pampanito PSK ops...

D. Franklin <k6df@...>

I will have the USS Pampanito submarine on the air using PSK31 mode starting
around 1600 Z until 2000 Z. I will start on 21.071, and may also try

If 15 and 10 condx are poor I will move to 20 meters.

Call sign of the sub is NJ6VT

Lets hope that band condx are good for tomorrow morning . . . . C U on the
air . . .

73, Dennis K6DF

Mystery Solved!

Steve W3HF

The long-standing "mystery" team is ready to announce its
existence. We won't bother with the usual banter about superiority,
as our expected dominance of the contest will be obvious to

The World Team is composed of:

W3HF Steve (Gaffer)
TI2/AK0A Bill
ZL3JT Duncan

and in the tradition of American baseball, a player to be named

See you in the contest (and in our dust).


Island Activity


My local club will be running a special event station N1EV from an
island off the coast of Connecticut. This island is not populated and
is owned by a local maritime muesuem. It has an intact lighthouse
that was built in colonial times. John, N1OLO, was able to get the
island activated for the first time as part of the World Lighthouse
Award. The lighthouse number is LH 2712. Since it is an island it
also qualifies for IOTA with a number of NA-136.

Look for us on Sunday September 30, 2001 from about 10am to 5pm. We
will be running PSK on 20, 15 and 10 as well as SSB and CW depending
on conditions and operators.

Be one of the first to work this brand new lighthouse number and
fairly rare IOTA number in one shot.


Re: "Day of the Thuringians"


Hey Jay,

There is an endorsement for it, isn't there?

de AA8QQ

Re: USS Pampanito PSK operation


We are celebrating the "Day of the Thuringians", Thuringia is our state ind
the Federal Republic.
If someone is collecting DOK for the DLD-Award, with that call goes the
special DOK: THR
73's Erika/DL2AYL

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I'm on air until Sunday with a special call sign DL0THR.
Hey, what's this all abt?? Jay

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Re: USS Pampanito PSK operation


Hi Denis, thanks for asking....
it should work between 15.00 and 18.00 UTC but on 15 or 10 meters, have
checked my log for the past two weeks.
I'm on air until Sunday with a special call sign DL0THR.
Good weekend to all and get ready for the Rumble !
73 Erika/DL2AYL

USS Pampanito PSK operation

D. Franklin <k6df@...>

Erika, and other DX stations . . .

What is a good GMT time for you to the west coast of the US?

I will be going to the USS Pampanito to operate PSK this weekend, and will try
to make a few Q's with DX stations, and 070 club member stations.

73, Dennis K6DF
070 member #091