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Some time ago we had a few of you that expressed an interest in starting up a HF SSB Digital Net - primarily focused on PSK, but NOT exclusively to! Over the summer months we've given it some serious thoughts and now that time permits such activities, I thought I'd run it by you folks.

We have loads of folks each and every day that are looking to join in on the digital madness that our hobby has enjoyed for the last couple of years. And, if we're to capitalize on this we need to better help these folks, don't you think. At the same time we have a lot of our seasoned amateurs that are experimenting with new software/hardware applications and we need to tap their vast amount of knowledge. Wouldn't an HF SSB Digital Net make sense? I know a few of you might have to find your old microphones, but it would be well worth your efforts. We could address all the problems that the newbies to the digital modes go through. Heck, this might even free up the e-mail demands on such guys as Ernie Mills, WM2U who answers nearly 50 e-mails per night! And, I'm sure there are a lot more of you that do the same.

OK. What I need to hear is exactly who is interested. I know I'd be willing to get things rolling, but let me make it perfectly clear, "I DON"T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!" In fact, I'm better at just getting the folks checked in, then turn the questions over to those who have the knowledge and first hand experience that we'll need. So, we're going to need net control stations, we'll need folks that are familiar with software/hardware applications, and we'll need the bench technicians that can best describe all the wiring configurations to get these new folks on-the-air, as easy as possible!  I'm not sure what band you folks think would be best, so give me your thoughts on that too.

If this idea sounds of interest to you please drop me a message. Let me know if you'd be interested in being a new control station, hardware/software advisors, technician and of course those that have an interest in our digital modes.   Plain and simple I need to hear from as many of you as possible!

I look forward to hearing from you and I appreciate you reading this message.

73 de NY2U Bill Eddy

TARA PSK Rumble News...



If any of you need information on the upcoming TARA PSK Rumble on October 6th they should look at the following:

ARRL's QST - Contest Corral - Page 103

If you have ANY questions at all contact:
wm2u@...  (Ernie Mills, WM2U)
ny2u@...  (Bill Eddy, NY2U)

Thank You!
Bill Eddy, NY2U



Welcome back Tom

de AA8QQ


tgstoops <n3xc@...>

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Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 04:33 PM

  Hi all..just  to let all of the 070'ers know that I have made it home Sunday night, Sept. 16th, after being one of the thousands of stranded travelers across the United States.  A three day drive (2,100 miles) from Phoenis, Az.,with my wife, was as experience that we will never forget.  Three days on the road compared to 5 hours in the air was not my way of getting home.  The people all across the country that we met at resturants, gas staions, hotels and the like were in the same situation we were in.  Everyone trying to get home from somewhere else. 
  The patroitism and love for our country was evident from the largest city to the smallest town across all the states we drove through.  Every radio station we listened to had a location for blood donations and were planning fund drives for the disaster in New York City.  Flags flew from every building in citys, large and small, and from homes as well.  GOD BLESS AMERICA was on marquees on theaters and store fronts.
  The small inconvenience that we and all travlers had to bear was nothing to the grief and suffering that was taking place from the loss of loved ones in this country and all around the world. 
   Let's all hope that this terrible attack on U.S. soil does not bring this country down to the level of our agressors.  The perpetraters, not the innocents should be punished.
  I now have to apologize to all (and especially N3DQU) for using this reflector for this kind of thing, but what started out as a Hi I"m Back, turned out to be a little longer and more detailed account of the last three days for me and my wife.  Thanks all for just reading this and if there are any hard feelings I will understand.
Tom Stoops

Re: Uhmmm!


Yes Ernie, because the smell isn't any better now ...
73's Erika/DL2AYL

[PSK31] UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes $PSKDX0917


FARTS Challenged!

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

We, RED FRED et al, challenge the Old FARTS. Do we hear confirmation on this :)


Ernest Mills <emills@...>

I notice the Rumble Team "Old F.A.R.T.S." is now up to speed and nobody has challenged em! yet.  I reckon they must be a formidable team if we are all shying away.  Ernie

Certificates & Hats Shipped



I want to inform you folks that the certificates and hats have been mailed out this week for the April 21, 2001 TARA PSK Rumble (The Spring Wake-Up"). Again, I apologize for the long delay and that problem lies solely on my shoulders, nobody else! I would appreciate hearing from you folks as you receive them at  "ny2u@..." . For those overseas, please expect some delays in the mail due to the recent troubles here in the United States.

Thank You!
Bill Eddy, NY2U

P.S.: - TARA still has several openings on a new and unnamed PSK Rumble Team. If you would like to be part of TEAM TARA, sign up now by dropping me a e-mail.  Please remember that TARA needs you!

The Eagle


This is a Great EAGLE picture

Rumble teams status


Ok guys, here is the current Rumble teams status according to Ernie's
website. There are openings yet on 3 teams and I understand there may be
another one yet in the making even as we speak. So if you have a desire to go
the team route for the Fall Rumble, now is your chance to get onboard with a
fine (but sure to lose against the 070 Alpha Team) group of pskers! de Jay

070 Alpha Team - gaffer N3DQU, filled
Red Fred el al - gaffer NY2U, filled
Top Dogs - gaffer N3XC, needs 1,
Team Bravo - gaffer AA8QQ, needs 1,
070 Busters - gaffer KB2UUC, filled
FARTS- gaffer K8IJ, needs 3,

Re: Thank you...

Brian Livingston DA1TJO

I to pass on my thanks for the prayers and thoughts....we all must be strong....
Bitburg Air Base, Germany

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To: 070@...
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 7:56 PM
Subject: [070] Thank you...

   To our DX friends, many thanks for the kind words and thoughts. We are all
in a state of shock and disbelief here in the US over the events of yesterday
and extend our condolences to those personally affected by this tragedy...73
de Jay N3DQU.

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Thank You


Dear DX friends, Thank you for your kind words. May God bless and protect all
of us, no matter our country or heritage.

KA3X, Jay

Thank you...


To our DX friends, many thanks for the kind words and thoughts. We are all
in a state of shock and disbelief here in the US over the events of yesterday
and extend our condolences to those personally affected by this tragedy...73
de Jay N3DQU.

Recent events

Croft Taylor <croft@...>

Although the terms of our Amateur radio licence do not permit us
to talk about political or religious matters on the air, and of course
yesterday's tragedy has elements of both, I would like to say by Internet that
our thoughts and prayers are with our US neighbours at this time.

73, Croft Taylor - VE3CT
QCWA Vice President
e-mail <>
Web Site:



I have a grandson in the States so appreciate the awful trauma you
all must be feeling at the moment.
My thoughts are with you all.
John, G4TGK.

kein Betreff


Dear friends,
as a mother who was and still is stirred by the frighteningly atrocious events
across your country yesterday, I sat by my television in utter disbelief -all I
could think of were the families affected.
Let us hope the world will not turn upside down after that....

No words


My deapest condolence to theese people, who was involved in yesterday's tragedy
in America.

Andris / YL2FD

Anatolian ATA PSK 31 Contest


A new endorsement is up on the 070 Endorsements page for working the
Anatolian ATA PSK31 Contest scheduled for 10 November 2001. For more info on
this event check out < > ...Many tnx to
Ismael TA9J and Talat TA4BS for this one...73 de Jay N3DQU.

Re: USS Pampanito


In a message dated 9/8/2001 6:44:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

Nice working you today John from the Pampanito. You are the first
070 member contact since the Pampanito became a member. I guess you
get the first Pampanito sticker.

73, Steve KQ6VH

--- In 070@y..., "John H. Van Eijndt" <kc0deb@h...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just worked Steve onboard the USS Pampanito....( 16:43 utc )
> There was a lot of close sigs that made it hard to copy, but coulsd
> to pull Steve out......freq was 14.0715 approx....
> 73 de John KC0DEB Kansas City,
Wow, congrats on being the first 070er to snag the Pampanito John! When
K6DF submitted their first 50 to get into the 070 Club, I couldn't believe
there wasn't a single member in the log! Them guys musta been using
Stealth-PSK hi! Jay N3DQU.


==> CQ Ø7Ø Club - Work the USS Pampanito NJ6VT and get yourself an Attaboy!
Check it out on the 070 Club endorsement page...Jay N3DQU.

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