Re: Uhmm!



Please do not listen to Bernie he is just the contest manager and what does
he know??
You are correct with the time you have and please use the 2000Z time Just for
you!! Maybe the rest of us can make a few contacts and get the Top Dawg...




If anyone in the group is using an outboard DSP box like Timewave, MFJ,
etc for PSK work, would appreciate the benefit of your experiences...73 de
Jay N3DQU.

80m Autumn Sprint

Bernie Leonard <kf4fhs@...>

Only 3 days left until the first ever PODXS070 Club PSK31 80m
Autumn Sprint.

Friday, 20-September-2002, 2000 - 0200 YOUR LOCAL TIME.

A complete list of rules can be found at:

Direct any questions to:

73, Bernie / KF4FHS


Steve W3HF

Algeria on 20m PSK at about 14071

VE4XA again

Bob Mitchell <VE4XA@...>

Hello Folks;

I am back at the home QTH after a ten day trip through North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan.
due to band conditions, lots of local QRN from the RV power inverter system, I had ZERO success hearing or seeing anyone's trace on 20 meters.

So after several attempts, called it quit and went back to vacationing!!!

I will be operating CK4XA starting this coming Sunday, September 22, in the evening local time. Wil continue to use this callsign until the end of October.

See you on PSK


UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes #150 $PSKDX150


UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes #150

PSK31 DX Notes #150 $PSKDX150
From UT5RP Radio Shack
Odessa Ukraine, September 16, 2002
To all PSK31 DXers

UT5RP PSK31 DX Notes for past week Sep 9-15, 2002 (BID PSKDX150)

Our Thanks this week go to: 425 DX-News Gang, Ohio/Penn DX Bull.,
UT5FB, W1AW ARRL HQ Station and OH2AQ's DX Summit

BANDPASS:*****Freq=Real Freq in USB Mode @1000Hz
Sep 9
0049-14069.5 XE1L
0136-14070.0 K6E
0152-18100.0 6J1YJS
0411-14070.5 TG9BD
0440-14070.7 CO2AV
0500-14071.0 K6F
1241-21069.3 VK5LA
1255-21070.0 FR5AB
1522-28120.3 HB0/DL2HYH
1557-21070.6 UN7GDL
1605-28120.6 ZS1AK
1606-28120.7 ZS1WC
1610-21071.4 UR4QI/M
1611-28119.8 LU3VDA
1612-28120.1 CX5UR
1615-14069.4 CU3CZ
1616-14070.0 EW6OO
1617-14070.8 ES7AM
1618-14070.1 IS0YOK
1635-21070.1 TA7AO
1640-14069.8 4K5D
1714-21071.4 PY7ZZ
1715-21071.2 3Z0AK
1721-10140.9 DH7WW
1725-21071.2 HP1AC QSL > EA5KB
1728-14070.4 UN8PO
1730-14071.0 IS0DVM
1732-14070.6 I2/SP9EZM
1736-28119.9 LU1FVN
1737-28120.6 EA9AK
1738-28120.2 LW9DV
1739-28120.4 LW3DQB
1829-14070.9 VU2ATN
1832-21071.4 EI0CZ
1836-28121.0 L55DR
1837-14070.0 UA0ZS
1838-14070.2 EI7HT
1839-14070.8 EA/DF8BZ/P
1912-14083.0 C31BO
1934-21070.0 PY2NCM
2002-18100.0 W3ASA

Sep 10
0403-14071.6 DL4NCF/HI9
0405-14070.8 FM5BW
0501-14070.3 DL4NCF/HI9
0503-14070.0 HK4HRA
0524-14071.2 DL4NYL/HI9
0531-14070.5 FK8FZ
0533-14070.7 FK8GX
1220-14070.0 3Z0AK
1342-21070.0 UA9YFL
1400-21070.0 HK3OJY
1402-21070.3 DU5AOK
1432-21070.0 ZS6AVT
1511-28120.0 V51KC
1524-28120.0 LU9ED
1717-21070.5 CU3DP
1718-21070.8 HS0/G3NOM
1720-14070.6 4K5D
1814-21070.0 V51JF
2033-14072.6 IS0/DM5TI
2059-14071.0 IS0FBK

Sep 11
0434-14069.8 HR1HCP
0615-14070.0 FK8GX
0856-21070.0 IJ7/IZ7AUH S.Pietro Isl. EU-073
1043-14070.6 RA2FS
1221-14070.0 FR5HA
1322-21070.0 YC8RAP
1410-21070.0 ZS6AVP
1416-21070.8 ZS2BWB
1417-21070.2 ZS4KB
1419-21070.4 ZS6ANW
1421-28120.2 CX5UR
1434-50290.0 LW3DX
1628-14071.1 UR4QI/M
1505-28120.4 V51KC
1513-14070.0 ZS2BWB
1704-28121.2 L55DR
1708-14070.5 9H4JB
1744-14070.9 UN7GDL
1745-14069.7 4K5D
1806-21070.0 LW9DV
1809-14070.5 LY2BIG
1810-14069.9 HB0/DL2HYH
1815-14070.7 I2/SP9EZM
1824-14071.0 7X2HF
1839-21071.0 TA2AP
1847-21069.7 CU3CZ
1848-28120.7 AY2EC
1849-14070.3 IS0FBK
2045-10141.4 OE5CMN
2054-10141.0 F6IRF

Sep 12
0024-14070.2 CO2AV
0436-14069.3 HK3JRL
0520-14070.0 K6F Rt 66 Flagstaff
1205-14071.3 VK5LA
1336-14070.5 IS0FBK
1337-21071.5 OD5PL
1339-21070.8 4Z5LF
1411-14070.0 FR5HA
1658-21071.6 UN8PO
1723-14070.5 UN7JX
1732-14070.8 SV5DDP
1735-21070.5 PJ2MI
1753-21069.5 XU7ACN QSL > ON5UR
1837-21071.6 PY7ZZ
1921-21070.2 6J1FZE
1932-21070.2 YY1AEA
1938-14070.0 A45XD
1942-10141.7 DH7WW
1942-14069.7 TA2AP
1955-14070.3 Z36W
2038-14070.0 CO2JE
2039-14069.9 A45XO
2040-14070.1 LU9ED
2055-14070.8 FM5WO
2103-14070.5 LU9OMN
2236-14071.6 VY2RO IOTA NA-029

Sep 13
0341-14071.0 HR1HCP
0503-14070.1 FK8GX
0523-14070.9 LY2BIG
0836-21070.2 4J9NM
0838-21070.0 AP2IA
1130-21070.0 UR4QI/M
1145-14069.7 MJ/DL2JRM/P
1203-28120.6 LW3DZA
1339-21071.5 ZS2BWB
1421-28120.6 VK4FNQ
1448-21070.0 ZS6AVP
1508-14070.6 RA0SX
1617-21070.0 4X1AJ
1618-21070.5 ZS4KB
1619-28121.0 HK3SVP
1620-28120.2 CX5UR
1625-28120.3 PY4PW
1626-14070.0 OE5/DL2DIE
1732-21071.0 YE1D
1735-21069.5 CU3CZ
1925-14070.0 4K5D
1926-14071.1 LX/DL9NEI/P
1927-14069.8 PY7ZZ
1928-14069.5 EX2U
1929-21070.5 LU9ED
2014-10140.7 IK7VKC
2030-10140.5 I1VPJ

Sep 14
0020-14071.2 PP2MR
0128-50125.0 CE3SOC
0218-28120.0 CE2RLS
0417-14070.9 ZL1WU
0425-14070.0 4J9NM
0427-14071.2 NP4VO
0428-14070.3 EW7EW
0433-14070.6 HK3SVP
0438-14069.7 HK3JRL
0442-14070.0 EI3FW/M
0511-14069.5 4L1GW
0541-14070.5 Z36A
0710-14072.5 V51GB
1026-14070.0 TI2MB
1040-14070.3 VK3EUZ
1052-21070.1 YC9XJ
1202-28120.8 LU1DO
1246-28120.0 ZS2BWB
1259-28120.5 HP1BSL
1339-14070.7 CO2JE
1523-14070.9 EU7SA
1524-14071.3 EU7AW
1525-14069.9 4K5D
1532-14070.5 ES7AM
1549-21070.5 GD3FXN
1552-28121.0 TM8CDX
1650-21070.3 UN8PO
1651-28119.7 LU9ED
1652-28120.1 HK6DOS
1657-28119.5 LW2EIY
1700-21070.0 LY2BIG
1701-14070.5 OZ/DF5YT
1702-14072.0 3Z0AK
1705-14070.2 FR5HA
1717-14069.7 OE5/DL2DIE
1718-14070.0 LY2XZ
1725-28119.9 4J9NM
1726-28120.7 PY2MCK
1729-21070.5 PY2NCM
1850-28120.7 LU4ECG
1926-14070.0 OZ/DH8LU/P
1935-21070.0 PY3NZ
2122-14070.6 4Z4DX
2125-14070.0 CN8NM

Sep 15
0415-14070.0 PP2MR
0441-14070.5 PY7ZZ
0443-14070.6 6J2ML
0457-14070.7 EU7SA
0510-14069.8 EW7EW
0604-14070.7 9H4CM
0632-14071.4 VK3DBQ
0634-14071.3 EU7AW
0935-14069.9 TM8CDX Special Call
1035-28120.3 7X2BK
1052-21071.1 LX2LA
1053-21070.2 LY2BIG
1141-28120.7 ZP6GBA
1142-28119.8 YV5AAX
1147-28120.1 CX5UR
1148-28120.3 CN8NM
1156-28119.4 CX7BF
1159-28120.4 EU6TV
1202-21070.1 UA0JQ
1150-28120.4 FR5AB
1458-28120.4 HK3SVP
1500-28120.3 CX5ABM
1736-21069.4 VU3DMP
1738-21070.2 EA/G4NJC
1739-28120.6 SV5DDP
1748-14071.5 EU4AC
1753-14070.3 IS0LFZ
1754-14070.0 UN8PO
1801-14071.0 TA2IM
1802-14069.6 4K5D

Always a lot of 9A, UA, UR, UT, DL, F, HA, OK, I, G, GI, LA, GW, OH,
SP, ON, EA, SM, S5, SV, YO, LA, LU, PY, W, JA, OE, HB and many other
countries on the Bands.

Notes of interest:

AH0- MARIANA ISLANDS. Osamu, JA2VUP, is expected to be active as AH0B
from Saipan Island (OC-086) from September 26-29th. Activity will
include participation in the CQ/RJ Worldwide DX Contest (RTTY -
September 28-29th) as a Single Op/All Band entry. He will focus on
the WARC bands and PSK31 before the contest. QSL via JA2VUP.

AS-041. Look for JI5USJ/4 and JI5RPT/4 to be active from Oki Island
starting around 1200z on September 20th until around 0000z on
September 24th. Activity will be on 160-10 meters SSB, CW, RTTY
and PSK31. QSL direct to home callsigns or JARL QSL bureau.
JI5RPT - KOYANAGI Makoto, 5-42-203 Kadan Aoba, Sendai,
JI5USJ - KOYANAGI Toru, 400-6-1119 Nagasoneminami, Hikone,

C9 - MOZAMBIQUE. Babs/DL7AFS and Lot/DJ7ZG will once again be active
from here (they were recently active as C98DC Oct. 2001 from Inhaca
Island). Lot reports that after some days of preparations, they
will start their 2 week activity around September 22nd. They do
expect to operate from an island at Northern Mozambique. In Maputo,
they will meet with Rei, C98RF (DL6DQW) and will probably travel
together. Rei will do the CW and 6 meter activity and use his C98RF
callsign. Babs and Lot will try to operate RTTY/PSK mostly on 18101
kHz. Look for them on the usual DX frequencies. QSL C98RF (CW,6m)
to DL6DQW. QSL C98DC (SSB/RTTY/PSK) to DL7AFS. More information
will be announced later. Check the Web page for updates at: [TNX OPDX]

EA8 -CANARY ISLANDS. Robert, F6BED, Gerard, F5YD and Roger, F6BDE will
be QRV from September 15 to 27 as EA8/homecalls from several
Canary Islands. Look for activity from the Hierro, La Gomera and
Tenerife Islands. Activity will be on 40 to 2 meters using CW,
SSB, PSK31 and other digital modes. QSL to home calls. [TNX ARLD]

FS - Look for Ann/W2AZK, Brian/KF2HC, Gene/K2KJI,Maryann/K2RVH,Bob/W5GJ
and Mike/WA2VUN to be active as FS/home call from St. Martin
(NA-105) on 4-11 December. They hope to have two stations on HF
and one station on 6m, operations will be CW, SSB, and possibly
some PSK31. They plan to participate in the ARRL 160M contest. QSL
to the call sign worked. Up-to-date information will be available
at [TNX 425DXN]

HZ - SAUDI ARABIA. Abdulla, 7Z1ZZ now holds the call HZ1DX. Look for
activity on all bands, but mostly 20 meters, using RTTY, SSTV and

HI - Four operators from the Florida DXPedition Group - namely W4WX
(W4WX/HI9), Clarence W9AAZ (W9AAZ/HI9), Cory N1WON (N1WON/HI9) and
Bob K9MDO (K9MDO/HI9) - will be active (on all bands, including 6
metres, CW, SSB, PSK-31 and RTTY) from the Dominican Republic
(NA-096) on 22-30 October. They will participate in the CQ WW DX
SSB Contest as HI9X (Multi-Single). QSL HI9X via W9AAZ, QSL
xxxx/HI9 via home calls. [TNX 425DXN]

HS - Mirek, 9V1XE/VK3DXI is going to Thailand on business for 6-8 weeks.
He plans to operate again as HS0/VK3DXI after hours and on weekends
He will be active mainly on CW, RTTY, and PSK, but will not disre-
gard SSB or SSTV (however no no operation via AO40 is expected).
QSL via DL4DBR. [TNX 425DXN]

JA - Look for JI5USJ/4 and JI5RPT/4 to be active from Oki Island(AS-041)
starting around 12 UTC on 20 September until around 00 UTC on the
24th. They will operate on 160-10 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31.
QSL via home calls either direct or through the bureau.[TNX 425DXN]

KP2 -WF9V, W7FLE, WW9WW, WG9J, W9AEB (members from the STARS Radio Club
anniversary tour) will operate (on 160-6 metres SSB, CW and PSK)
as K9V from St. Croix, US Virgin islands (NA-106) on 2-8 December.
QSL via WF9V. [TNX 425DXN]

SV - Gabi, HA3JB will be operating from Greece using CW, RTTY (14083,
21083 and 28083 kHz), PSK31 (14070, 21070 and 28120 kHz), and SSTV
(14227, 21343 and 28683 kHz) as SV4/HA3JB between 11 and 19 Octo-
ber. QSL to home call. [TNX 425DXN]

SV5 -Phil, G4OBK will be active as SV5/G4OBK from Kos Island (EU-001)
in the Dodecanese from 19 September to 1 October. He expects to be
QRV for a few hours most days, and to operate on 10-40 metres CW,
RTTY, PSK31 and maybe a little SSB. He might operate for a limited
time during the CQ/RJ WW DX RTTY Contest to give out a multiplier.
QSL via home call either direct or trhough the bureau.[TNX 425DXN]

The PSK31 DX Notes are available in Packet Radio Network (psk31@ww)
or in FIDONET @ SU.HAMRADIO or in the InterNet at URLs: (Full collection since Aug'99!)

or in the PSK-TARA Group Reflector. To subscribe to him send an empty
E-mail to:

or in the Greece PSK31 Reflector, to subscribe to him send an empty
E-mail to:

or in the Turkish PSK31 Reflector, to subscribe to him send an empty
E-mail to:

For next week's bulletin send your bandpass and notes of interest to
UT5RP E-mail:
or via Packet Radio ---> UT5RP@UT5RP.ODS.UKR.EU

73's and have a good DX Hunting.
Dimitry - UT5RP
UT5RP Dimitry Slyusarenko (Dima)
Editor of PSK31 DX Notes

80m Autumn Sprint

Bernie Leonard <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Everybody,

There's only 4 days left until the PODXS070 Club will be sponsoring
the first ever 80m Autumn Sprint.

Friday, 20-September-2002 from 2000 - 0200 YOUR LOCAL TIME.

For a complete list of rules, go to:

Direct any questions to:

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

Re: Does anyone lack Mississippi?

brmccain <brmccain@...>


I don't need MS either (already have ARRL WAS PSK31), but here are
the name/stations/qth of the MS psk qsl cards I have received:

Jim K5JG, Tupelo
Carl, K7ZYV, Biloxi
Leon, N5PU, Pascagoula
Mel, N5MH, Port Gibson
Bob, N4UPX, Gulfport

BTW: tnx for your qsl card from April

73 de Bruce, N7XB

Re: Flames, Frags, and reflector etiquette


Hay I have lots of rope here if anyone needs some to help get out of the whole also I could send a map to help get back on track...

I just be having a ball here and hope everyone else can have fun..

SMILE everyone it is a great day to play radio..

N6YIH/7 aka the trouble maker in Idaho !!

Re: Does anyone lack Mississippi?


Well I don't need Mississippi but I do need to work AG4KI for LONP award someday..


Re: Does anyone lack Mississippi?

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

Well I don't need Mississippi but I do need to work AG4KI for
LONP award someday..

Glad to work a schedule. Getting nice signals into 7-land on 10m right now.

And, of course, 20m nearly always works!


Nice Openings on 15 and 10meters

washingtonham <washingtonham@...>

Come on up off the Freeway, Take the side roads. Its fun :)

Scotty N7HJ

Does anyone lack Mississippi?

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

At then end of the month, I am heading down to Biloxi, to visit family. I
was wondering if anyone needs the Magnolia State. If so, I might lug down a
computer there.

Mississippi is kinda short for me (I haven't worked it PSK), so if it were a
common state, I really wouldn't know. 'Seems like I have seen a guy in
Biloxi working some folks a couple times, though...

Peter, Memphis

New Award Program

Charlie Trice, K8IJ <cctrice@...>

Greetings all,

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new 070 Club award program to
give you even more reasons to make PSK QSOs - "The PSK Maidenhead Grid
Award". The 070 Club web site at has
all the information. Look for the NEW animated link near the bottom.

Please note that the program officially begins on October 1st, so there is
no need to go digging back through your logs. Everyone will begin together
at zero and only a few actual QSLs are required, as you will see.

Many thanks to Bernie, KF4FHS and Steve, N6YIH/7 for all their time and
effort to bring this program to life. And, of course, an extra "thank you"
to Steve for all his web crafting work on the new site. And one special
"thank you" to Jay, N3DQU for allowing us to bring this program to life.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

Flames, Frags, and reflector etiquette


Hi All, and Steve (W3HF),

Yes, I must be crazy. When N3DQU and I first talked about starting the 070
Club, it was
supposed to help organize PSKers by offering awards and having fun. Note
that one of the key phrases here is having fun. It seems to have gotten lost

We have all different kinds of people in ham radio and in the 070 Club.
Various life styles, IQ's, jobs, and backgrounds. The message I sent about
working my own station was ONLY intended to rattle Steve, W3HF's cage because
of all his precision, engineering type talk.
Nothing more.

Most of my friends who are engineers don't mind this type of ribbing and
don't take it seriously. Not all of us can design bridges, skyscrapers, and
such. I'm sorry I sent it to Chas.

Actually, now that I see all the bashing I took behind my back, I'm sorry I
sent it at all! I thought higher of most of folks. I feel kind of like
Orson Wells after his Halloween Martian invasion gag.

So, Steve, if I was wrong for stereotyping you as an engineer, I apologize.

As for the rest of the jail house lawyers out there, LIGHTEN UP! There are
way to many folks taking everything that's posted on here way to seriously.
Just because you don't agree with something someone said, doesn't mean you
have to go off the deep end over it. The club is growing. The more members
we get, the more this is going to be a problem. It's up to every one of us
to keep it in check. Myself included. Remember, once you hit the SEND
button, it's to late to take it back. There's no need to rewrite the rules
and make every word associated with the 070 Club legalese.

The 070 Club is supposed to be fun. For everyone!

Chill Out,
Jay - AA8QQ

10 meters is open

Stephen Prior <smprior@...>

pretty good signals in AL frm SA and EU

Re: 6m & VHF QSO Party

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

Been throwin out CQ's on 50.290 but no replies.
Well, unfortunately, Jay, 6m here seems deader than my hometown of
Pascagoula on a Tuesday night. Sorry.

Peter, AG4KI

Re: Japan Ham Fair

Steve W3HF

To see some additional 070 publicity, Ken's certificate is also
visible in the ARRL's writeup of the Japan Ham Fair.

Check out the similar shot of the Japan Amateur Radio Teleprinter
Society, about halfway down the page at:

Click on the picture for an enlargement, which shows Ken's
certificate just at JA1EUL's head.


6m & VHF QSO Party


Hi All,
Been throwin out CQ's on 50.290 but no replies. So if anyone's interested in
6, come on up and give it a try.

Jay - AA8QQ

Re: Japan Ham Fair

Steve W3HF

Kenji -

Thank you for the pictures. And I do not consider it off-topic when
an 070 certificate is prominently featured!

I was pleased to work the special event station from the Japan
Ham Fair in 2001 on PSK. Unfortunately, I was not able to this



Dear all,
Please forgive the off-topic post !

I introduce it to all of you of "070 CLUB", about Japan Ham Fair
2002. This was held in Tokyo on August 24 and 25th. Please
observe it with this URL for details. I
introduce the Web about the photograph of the booth of "JARTS"
that I am a member. JA1JDD who are the chairman of JARTS and I
in this photograph are. And, back my "The Membership
Certificate" and the introduction sentence have been put up on the
wall. I expect that many participants were seeing this and I hope to
get to know existence of "070 CLUB."

73 de Ken JA9LX