Back, sort of


Hello everyone.  I am back on solid ground, for a week at least.  Thanks to
everyone I worked /MM and from ZD8 land.  I'd like to especially thank Erika
(DL2AYL) and Nando (PU5OPR).  Thanks Nando for the wonderful dinner and tour
in Paranagua, Brazil, and thanks to Erika for keeping tabs on me and relaying
email to Nando that helped make our meeting possible.

I have updated my accounts for both my /mm activity and my log from
Ascension.  Paper cards will be sent out once I have them printed and return
from my next voyage in mid September.  Sorry for the delay, but work calls.

I will be sailing again Monday 7/30 for Ascension so look for me /mm until
about 8/20 when I will reactivate ZD8JA for a few days and then back to /mm
until mid September.

See you on the Air! 73

Jeremy N1ZZZ/ZD8JA

Re: ...where a microphone is a great doorstop!


Oh Jay - your imagination....
my mother would never have allowed me fooling around in the backyard like
But what John has put together is great, thanks John.
73's and a good Sunday to all



Well, how did you guys do on 30m Friday nite? I saw a lot of traces out
there, but had pretty rough copy due to strong QRN fm local t-storm activity.
I did manage to work K6CEG out in southern California, but Charlie's sigs
weren't nearly as good as they were the week before. Props were better going
the other way towards Europe, where I managed to work CT4MS over in Portugal.
Leonel had a pretty strong signal into the eastern US and he gave me a 59, so
either he felt sorry for me or else the band really was open towards Europe
Friday nite hi! So anybody else making headway on the Tri-WARC? de Jay N3DQU.

...where a microphone is a great doorstop!


The next time you're out surfin the web, check out AG4CZ's website at < > ...John sez his amateur station is the place
"where a microphone is a great doorstop". ..Hmmm, don't think we'll be
hearing AG4CZ checkin' in on them 20m fone nets anytime soon hi! But he does
do the 070 Club proud when it comes to web forms tho. Click on that "PSK
Clubs and Awards" folder and there you will see "endorsement trackers" for
those little orphans like the Maple Leaf, Wrk'd All Oz and the China Clipper,
all endorsements that have yet to be claimed by anyone. This is a really neat
way to keep track of your progress towards these critters. To use John's
endorsement trackers, you have to have your computer cookie-enabled. Then
when you type in the callsign data, it will be stored as a cookie on your
computer. When you finally have the form filled out, then you're ready to
send that log data in to N3DQU! Then and only then may you commence to
jumping up and down like a crazy person, screaming and yelling, laughing
hysterically and chasing the xyl around the backyard naked yelling "Da man,
I'm da man!". ...Well, one can only imagine! Anyways, I especially like the
way John has the China Clipper endorsement tracker set up...wonder if anybody
can work them in order from California to the Philippines? BTW John is also
the guy responsible for the 070 Club on-line application program, a very nice
job. While you're at John's website, check out some of the other stuff he has
there too, like interface information, a quick and easy vertical with 20
radials (!), just to name a few. Well, in closing I'd just like to say "Hey
John, you da man!" 73 de Jay N3DQU.

Did you work N1ZZZ/MM?


Because Jeremy N1ZZZ had to ship out and miss the our first annual TDW, we
have been issuing an unannounced endorsement of sorts for working the old boy
as he sails the seas! So if you haven't gotten an "I Worked N1ZZZ/MM in 2001"
endorsement (orange circle) and you have N1ZZZ/MM in the log, send ur log
info to es 73 de Jay N3DQU.

12m...It's alive, ALIVE! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA....


Just had my first 12m psk qso with Steve W0SDG out Minnesota-way! It was a
toughie, but we got it done! Oh thank you, goddess of the hi bands! Jay N3DQU.



Hey guys, I'll be up on 10.140 tonite fm around 0100z til abt 0500z or
mebbe even later, in case anyone is needing a 30m contact for the
tri-warc...73 de Jay N3DQU.

Re: Neat Program

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Hi Steve,
Really neat program, I have linked your friend on my LINKS>Contest &DX

He is asking for a writer to help him out and do a tutorial on it. Jump
in there Steve. 73 Ernie

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From: "Stephen J. Melachrinos" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 12:17 AM
Subject: [070] Neat Program

Hope you guys don't mind, but I agreed to give a little publicity to a
program a friend of mine wrote. If you are offended by the mention
of a commercial product, please forgive me and delete this
message immediately.

The program is called DX Atlas and it's a computerized map for the
DXer. It includes rectangular and azimuthal map projections, can
instantly zoom the map and change its center, plots prefixes on
the maps, shows CQ and ITU zones, calculates antenna bearings
and distances (short and long path), shows the gray line and
sunrise/sunset times, and much more.

You can find out more about it at

It's shareware--US$29.95 to register, but there's an introductory
price of US$23.95 through this weekend.

Thanks for looking.


Formal Disclaimer: Although I do not receive anything from the
sales of the program, I did write the help files, and received a free
copy of the program in return.

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Re: 12m activity

DL2AYL@... schrieb:
Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I am getting
big-time qrm from my computer monitor on 24.918, so look for my trace at
24.925...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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Hi Jay,
don't have a problem anywhere, just tell me when you'll be there !
73's de Erika/DL2AYL

12m activity


Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I am getting
big-time qrm from my computer monitor on 24.918, so look for my trace at
24.925...73 de Jay N3DQU.

Re: Tri-WARC


In a message dated 7/17/2001 12:12:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

OK so where is everyone hiding?

I looked on 10.140 and 10,142 for an hour tonight and not a single PSK
did you remember to hook up the antenna to ur rig? hi! 'dqu.



OK so where is everyone hiding?

I looked on 10.140 and 10,142 for an hour tonight and not a single PSK

What frequency is everyone using (other than none) on 17 and 12 meters??
I have 18.100 and 24.92 MHz are they any good have not seen any signals there
for the last week.

Hope everyone is well and still having fun
Steve D

Sunday nite 30m activity


Worked 070 members Charlie K6CEG out on the left coast and Steve N6YIH/7
in Idaho, then snagged Jose EA4IA in Madrid with a 589 report, so props were
pretty good going both ways. Hey, that was fun, gonna have to do that again!
Jay N3DQU.



Hi everybody,

just met Jeremy on 20 meters, he is still in the Caribbean Sea.
He has met Nando (PU5OPR) and his family in Paranagu�.
73's Erika/DL2AYL

80 Mtr QRP


Hope to see those that are on 80 meter QRP soon, my PSK- 80 Warbler is up and
running, and working well.

30m WARC


I will be on 10140 tonite at 0430z looking for 30m contacts...Look for my
trace!...Jay N3DQU.

ATA PSK Contest


Our friends over in TA-land have organized a PSK contest for this coming
November! For more info check out TA7J's website at < > ....73 de Jay N3DQU.

80 M QRV


I am QRV on 3680 KHZ USB after 09:00 UTC.




A new PSK test sponsored by Anatolian Radio AMateurs Association :

YL800 Special Prefix


Just wanted to let you guys know that the Latvian Amateur Radio League
(LARL) is celebrating the 800th anniversary of Riga, the capital of Latvia.
Look for Latvian hams using the special prefix YL800 on cw, ssb and hopefully
psk31. Andris YL2FD/YL800FD says that there will be a certificate offered for
working these YL800 stations. In addition, there may be an endorsement in the
works from the 070 Club for working YL800 stations on psk31. Stay tuned for
more information on this special certificate and endorsement. In the
meantime, be on the lookout for them YL800 stations and join in the
celebration!...73 de Jay N3DQU.