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3 day weekend endorsement


ok u guys, the 3 day weekend endorsement is up on the website on the
endorsements page...hpe to send out at least 74 hi! jay, n3dqu.

070 reflector

Bill Duffy <bjduffy2@...>

Greetings to all.
Some of these reflectors get so serious and ??? that I wonder why i even
subscribe to some of them.
I look over at my 070 certificate and I am very glad to be associated with
such a fine group of people as you folks! I think a lot of us have found out
" that it really ain't that big a deal" . Relay for the BV award! What a
deal . Not stifled laughter!! Loud guffaws. Keep smiling and keep me
Tnx es 73

Re: DX-BV Award

Robert Daniel <daniel@...>

Yes, I have a BV contact.  No, 1 is not enough!


                                                        Bob  W9FIF

Re: DX-BV Award


In a message dated 5/1/2001 5:59:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, AA8QQ@...

do you need a relay?
Jay - AA8QQ/3
...(insert stifled laughter here)....'dqu.

Re: DX-BV Award


do you need a relay?
Jay - AA8QQ/3

DX-BV Award


Is anyone working on the DX-BV endorsement and do you have any contacts yet?
Just wondering?

I am still trying to hear a couple of the DL stations so then maybe I could
work them.


Re: 070 Reflector


Hi again Jay,

you must be a psychic, hi. Was just wondering what to do about all the mails
floating in when I'm away for a week. Yes I'd like to get the daily digest.

We forgot (I did, hi) to translate the SV-endorsement, was so simple, but to
keep it neat and proper - here is it.

Wir stellen den ersten rautenf�rmigen Zusatzsticker vor, den "SV-Triband", den
Du erhalten kannst wenn Du Griechenland auf 20, 15 und 10 Meter in PSK31
gearbeitet hast. Nur der Logbuchauszug ist erforderlich, g�ltig sind Kontakte,
die nach dem 1. Juni 2000 gemacht wurden. Dieser Zusatzsticker hat kein

73's Erika

Steves Radio


YL for W3HF

I vote no on the radio for Steve. He made 62 contacts in the contest and came
close to beating me. I made 89 contacts and mot were on the frequencies could
not get to with his radio.

Should you let him get a new radio he will kill me in the next contest. He is
a very good operator and with his radio he has it will keep him from beating
me. So please let him don't let him get a new radio he does not need to be
able to operate where all the points are made by the other operators.

Thank you for the time and helping me beet him in the next contest.

Steve D

Steve Dominguez

Steve needs a new rig!


Oh yeah Mrs. W3HF, Steve really could use a new rig alright...Next to you,
I am sure that having a new Yaesu FT-817 in his hot little hands would make
him the happiest man in the world, better believe it!....Jay, N3DQU.


K5SIT BOB <k5sit@...>

Just testing this new reflector.

Congrads to all in the Rumble!!

de Bob k5sit 73 es gud dx.

Re: CQ Contest!

Bill Duffy <bjduffy2@...>

I looked for the June 1st weekend rules and did'nt see them??? Bill KA0VXK

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Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 19:03 PM
Subject: [070] CQ Contest!

Well, I gotta admit I am pretty impressed with the way you guys
up the airwaves for the TARA Rumble last weekend hi! So to reward your fb
efforts and to keep your contesting juices flowin', I thought I'd let ya
know that the PODXS 070 Club is sponsoring a PSK contest this coming June
called the 070 Club Three-Day Weekend. The rules are posted up on the 070
Club website at
< > ....Be lookin' for ya on
bands! 73 de Jay, N3DQU.

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070 Reflector


A couple items abt the 070 reflector. First, there are some members who
are getting postings via the ARRL email forwarding service. You may not be
able to post to the reflector unless I have your home email address entered
into the system. If this is the case, please send an email to N3DQU@...
with your home email address and call.
Now that we are on Yahoo, there is an option available to receive daily
digests of the postings rather than individual postings. If you would like to
receive a daily digest of the 070 Club postings, send email to N3DQU@...
and I'll getcha fixed up. 73 de Jay, N3DQU.



To the XYL of W3HF:
Please, please, please let Steve get a new multi-band radio. We just can't
take it anymore. Let him get the radio and he will stay out of your hair, and
ours. Just think what a relief that would be! Almost like a South Seas

KA3X, Jay

TDW Rules...PAC!


Man, what a bunch of proofreaders we got out there....There was an error
in the Awards section of the rules, es it took Erika to tell me something was
amiss when she found it while translating the rules to german! But the error
has been corrected...The rules should show awards going to the top scores in
every continent and the top scoring Bonus Station, es altho we don't yet have
a member in Africa, maybe we will snag one before June 1 comes up...Jay,

Re: CQ Contest!


Bill - did you see the red flashing button up on the 070 Club webpage that
says "Three Day Weekend Rules"? Jay.



Anyone ever do (or hear) any PSK on 6 meters? I put a signal out there from
time to time just to warm up the ionosphere thinking someday, someone will
answer. Like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out in the ocean.

de Jay - AA8QQ

check in


Hi all,
I thought since everyone else is checking in to this reflector that I might
as well use up some of this non-ether bandwidth. Had a good time in the
Rumble, even though I didn't have much time to spend on it. Hope to have
lots more time for the 3 Day Weekend. By the way Jay (DQU), I think that's
the same weekend as the Breezeshooters (oops).

de Jay - AA8QQ

Checkin! in

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

    So! all you 070-Club Rumbliers'.  We have a Psk Contest coming up on June 1st eh!  Since I cannot enter my own contest, the Rumble, I am really looking forward to this one :) 
   Hey!  --- WM2U 599 Ernie 031 --- catch me if you can eh! :)   73 Ernie
    Thanks to the PODXS for all the neat Awards and now this contest.



Word on the waterfall is:

W3HF (KING of the QRP) has ordered a new multi band radio.
and WA5EOG after his first contest ever is determined to WIN the 070 event
LOOK out WM2U Ernie

I think there will be a real fight for TOP DOG in this event.

70621 - 70640 of 70648