Re: arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

Steve W3HF

Steve and others,
Is anyone even SURE Bill sent this email? Or could it be another
Internet hoax? Think I'll wait for Big Brother (ARRL) to announce it.
73, Jay - AA8QQ
Jay -

That's one reason I used the wording "Although it appears to be true
that Bill Moore has sent that email .." in my message. I haven't seen
the actual email headers, and I know even email headers can be

But I do know Rich W3ZJ, at least by email. And I also know that the
eQSL organization would have to be incredibly stupid to publicize
something like this if it were fraudulent. They would lose all
credibility, and I believe (and would hope) the amateur community
would dissociate itself from them, if they faked it.

So the case that I suggest is that, although Bill Moore has stated his
position, he might still be overruled by the DXAC. That is what I was
trying to imply in my message. I hope not, but I am cautious.


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